It’s that time of year again when cupid draws his bow and arrow and shoots you with all the emotions that make you feel giddy inside for that special someone.  That’s right; you have a sweetheart, and Valentine’s Day is now upon us.   You know you want to find the perfect gift but you are unsure what is the perfect one for your Valentine.

Well, we have 3 Valentine’s Day gift baskets that are perfect for your sweetheart.

First on our list is the Happy Valentine’s Day Gift Basket.   It’s a simple gift that will make your sweetheart melt.  This gift includes a plush heart and plush bear with an assortment of candy inside a lovely red metal tin with a pink heart.  It’s easy on the wallet but shows you thought about your valentine. 

Happy Valentine's Day Gift Basket

Next on the list are for those who would rather not indulge in the sweets or have something sugar-free.    The My Sugar-Free Valentine Gift Basket is perfect for those calorie conscious love birds who still want to partake in some valentine’s day traditions.  Though this gift basket is “sugar-free” this gift is a very “sweet” gesture and will make for a special day. 

My Sugar Free Valentine Gift Basket

Last on our list is for the chocolate lovers.  The Be My Special Love Chocolate Valentines Gift Set with a soft cuddly teddy bear and filled with delectable chocolates such as:  Ghirardelli Milk and Caramel chocolate squares, Lindt milk chocolate truffles and Godiva milk chocolate strawberries will certainly sweep your Valentine off their feet. 

Be My Special Love Chocolate Valentines Gift Set

No matter what valentine gift basket you choose.  Any one of these will make for a very memorable Valentine's Day. 

By Matt