Decorating doesn’t have to be cookie-cutter from a catalog, nor does it have to be expensive. All it takes for a truly unique look is to think of the things that are important to you. If you have it, custom frames naperville il can make a frame for it. Take a look in those boxes you move from place to place. There’s a reason that you still have those things, so why not take them out and let them shine?

3 Cool and Unexpected Things to Frame 1


We all remember our first car: the thrill of holding those keys for the first time knowing that they belong to you. What about your first home? Take those old keys out of the boxes and put them in a frame. Mix several in a single frame to tell a story or frame each key separately, then hang in a collection that shows a timeline of your life. It’s interesting and one-of-a-kind art that can bring back wonderful memories every time you see it.


Why not decorate with living art? Try a wall planter for a natural element that helps purify your air while providing a beautiful textural element. Combine similar colors and textures or combine different ones to create living patterns on your wall. Add tiny led lights among the plants for a gorgeous lighting effect. 


Everyone has either their own or their children’s first shoes. Many brides keep not only their bridal gowns but the shoes, too. Imagine framing shoes from all phases of your life, from the first dance with your spouse, to your wedding shoes, then to your children’s first shoes. Whether you make a shadow box with other mementos or highlight a single pair, shoes will definitely be a conversation piece as well as a unique piece of decor that has special meaning for you.