Summertime in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is the perfect season to explore this northern paradise. Although it is known for its snow-covered landscapes in the winter, the land opens up into a playground for outdoor enthusiasts in the warmer months.

City by the Lake

The largest city in the region is Marquette, which is situated on the south shore of Lake Superior. There are plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy. The surrounding forests are host to some of the most extensive mountain biking trails in the Midwest. Several nationally-known cycling competitions take place there every year with the Margi Gesick 100-mile race being the crown jewel of the races. Downtown has numerous eateries and shops that offer local fare and scandinavian gifts. The area has a particularly high concentration of people with Finnish and Swedish heritages, so many products are geared toward celebrating the culture.

Northern Wonderland

Follow the shoreline and head north to experience sparsely populated Keweenaw county. Trees and pristine water are prevalent throughout the locale, which draws fans of camping and weekend warriors looking to connect with nature. Check out the point where US-41 begins in the town of Copper Harbor. This highway runs down to Florida but begins on a dirt road! A short drive or hike in all directions will lead back to the crystal-clear waters of the lake.

Climbing and Hiking Activities

Traveling south will bring beautiful vistas of the Porcupine Mountains into view. This state park was established in 1945 and boasts over 59,000 acres of wooded terrain to explore. The centerpiece of this unique reserve is Lake of the Clouds. It is accessible for viewing from several scenic lookouts and is especially rewarding during the night hours when the stars are out. The absence of light pollution is a rare treat when stargazing.