When you send someone flowers, you will brighten their day. That’s why flowers have become such a staple of holidays like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s, but there are other times when flowers are the perfect way to help someone feel appreciated or get through a tough time. Here is a list of less conventional situations where flowers can still be the ideal gift and where your generosity will not be forgotten:

4 Cool Uses for Flowers that You’ve Probably Never Tried

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1) The First Day on a New Job

Starting a new job can be stressful for anyone, but a brightly colored flower arrangement can be the ideal way to reduce that stress by instantly and easily personalizing your space in a tasteful way that will also be appreciated by your coworkers. With the right colors and scents, you can calm your first day jitters and make things just that much easier for you to get into the flow of your new job. You can even find masculine flower arrangements that will look good on his desk when he arrives for that first day at a new job.

2) After Losing a Job

The great thing about the gift of flowers is that it is always something that can be appreciated, even when the recipient is going through the most difficult of times. As symbols of everything from apologies to peace offerings and from conveying “get better” sentiments to memorializing the dead, flowers have long served as symbols of acknowledging pain and loss in beautiful, yet conservative ways that offer a living source of comfort without bludgeoning the recipient with a sense of despair. If you know someone who has lost their job, then the gift of a flower arrangement can help to ease the pain just a little.

3) Send Them to Mom for No Reason

Moms may expect flowers on Mother’s Day or for her birthday, but you can make the gift of flowers special when you send them for no special reason at all. Just let Mom know you are thinking of her with a special arrangement and it will be something she will talk about for a long time to come.

4) Just to Say Thank You

Did you have a friend come over and help you paint your living room this weekend? Maybe you needed a ride to the doctor’s office and your best friend took time off of work to make it happen. When someone goes out of their way to help you out, then it’s only to be expected that you go out of your way to thank them. So do something unexpected and personal: say thanks with a bouquet of flowers. It’ll mean more than just a card and stick out in their memories longer too.

The colors and pleasant aroma of flowers make them a great gift under almost any circumstance. But there are plenty of instances where flowers can make someone’s day brighter or just help someone to relieve the stress of a hard time in their life. And if you’re worried about picking the right arrangement, don’t sweat it. Any flower shop in NYC and the world over have pre-made arrangements as well as knowledgeable staff ready to offer suggestions for every occasion.

By Emma Foster