Christmas shopping; you either love it or loath it. There’s nothing worse than the pressure and high expectations involved with what presents people will be opening from you come December 25th. There are very few things that are suitable for every occasion, be it flowers, chocolates or perfume, but one thing tops them all, and that’s good old-fashioned jewellery. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and men – well, they love a new fancy watch.


Where to shop?

It all depends on what type of jewellery you’re thinking of buying. You’ll find that the high street is a great choice when it comes to shopping for jewellery. Be warned though, you’ll be bombarded with numerous retailers all claiming that they have the ‘perfect gift for her’. There’s also the famous Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, complete with 100 jewellery retailers. You could even take her with you as it provides you both with a fun, romantic day out, full of history and must-see culture. Some women actually prefer to pick out the jewellery themselves.

Take your time and think about what she’d really like, don’t just go for the first thing you see. Women prefer something that is unique, so it’s best to avoid the most popular designs. If you want something extra special, then try looking for jewellery in art galleries, or shops that sell a variety of handmade products.

Personalised & suitable for everyone

The trickiest part of buying a present for a special lady is that she is more than likely to be extremely picky and already has everything she wants!

That is the great thing about jewellery, it can often be personalised so that it’s unique to her and not something she already has stored within her jewellery box. You can add a personalised message to the jewellery, whether it’s her name or yours, or even a distinct date, such as your anniversary. Personalisation helps make any present special.

Jewellery is a perfect gift for that special woman in your life, both young and old. Whether you’re buying for friends, mums, daughters or grandmas, a sparkling piece of jewellery is guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

Jewellery speaks louder than words

Christmas presents are often a great way to prove just how well you know someone and show how much they mean to you.

Show that you’ve paid special attention by deciding what type of jewellery is most suited to her – don’t forget that not all women wear bracelets or rings. It’s also important for you to decide what message you want to express with this particular gift.

This Christmas, add to your loved ones jewellery collection with something she can cherish forever.

By Gail