In married relationships there’s messing up and then there’s messing up so badly that your relationship teeters on the brink of totally dissolving. When things get so bad that both spouses are not speaking, or one spouse is banished to sleeping on the couch indefinitely, or worse, clothes and belongings have been tossed out of the home, this is no time for underwhelming gifts.

4 Gifts for Sure Forgiveness Say Sorry in Style

In a nutshell, you’ve messed up so badly that your spouse if furious with you. They don’t want to hear your meek attempts at apologies. Right now they want your head on a proverbial platter. If the trouble you’re in were compared to a military conflict, you’d be at either Defcon 2 or 1. That means a nuclear war and destruction is eminent.

So, how do you defuse this situation and get back into the good graces of your true love?

Here are 4 great gift suggestions to reignite the flames of love:

I Love You Personalized Plaque

Personalization is going to be your saving grace in this touchy situation. A personalized plaque is a cherished keepsake that serves as a constant reminder of your love and devotion. The best kind are ones that include a short poem that expresses how you feel about your spouse. These can be ordered online from a gift specialty company or you can make your own homemade version.

10 Reasons Why I Love You Book

Another good personalized gift idea is to purchase a nice journal book with empty pages. You then fill up the pages with 10 reasons why you think your spouse is the best partner in the whole world. Include photos or drawings for added effect.

Romantic Getaway for Two

This would be a great time to plan a short romantic getaway for just the two of you to spend some alone time working on your relationship away from the problems at home.

Awesome Diamond Jewelry

If your spouse loves jewelry, the ultimate make up gift is diamonds. Man made diamonds are a fantastic choice, because you get more bang for the buck. Man made diamonds cost less because they are grown in a lab from slivers of real diamonds. They are a socially responsible alternative to out door diamonds. A beautiful piece of jewelry featuring crystal clear diamonds creates a huge impression.

The best answer to that is to be prepared to pull out all the stops in finding a gift that will melt their heart. Your gift must connect with your spouse on a deep emotional level. Their defenses are up and the gift must serve as an icebreaker that leads to further discussion and reconciliation.

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