Thinking of gifts to get for your elderly parents may not be easy. After all, coming up with new ideas for presents year after year can be challenge. If you’re stuck for inspiration, take a look at these five top recommendations.

1) Adjustable beds or chairs with massage features


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As your parents age, it may be getting harder for them to maintain their independence. With this in mind, it’s well worth checking out the impressive selection of adjustable chairs and beds now on offer. These products provide a practical solution to what can otherwise be a tricky task for anyone who struggles to get into and out of beds and chairs.

If you really want to wow your folks, you can get them versions that come with built-in massage features.Adjustamatic offers a range of beds and chairs with Cyclo-Therapy technology. This massage system can provide relief from a variety of medical conditions, including arthritis, night cramps, poor circulation and anxiety.

2) A freshly cleaned home


Cleaning can be a chore for anyone, but for the elderly it’s particularly hard. As people get older, their ability to reach all those nooks and crannies and high spots where dust and dirt gather diminishes.

If you think your parents would appreciate a sparkling home, you can investigate the possibility of getting them a gift certificate for a professional cleaning service. To complete the gesture, you could take them out for the day and treat them to some sightseeing or a meal while the cleaning takes place.

3) The opportunity to learn


We’re constantly being reminded of the importance of staying mentally active as we age. The trouble is, once people retire, they often struggle to find things to keep them intellectually engaged.

To help ensure your parents have something to focus on, you could consider enrolling them on adult learning courses. There are lots of options to choose from and if you don’t think your mum or dad would be interested in academic subjects, there’s always the option of practical and creative courses like cooking and painting.

4) The chance to document their life story


Another way to keep your parents active is to offer them the chance to document their life stories. A number of companies now offer services that help people to chronicle their experiences in a cohesive and easily accessible way.

As well as being an excellent gift for your mum or dad, this could prove to be a treasure for future generations, who will be able to look at the information and discover a part of their family history.

5) A Digital picture frame


If you’re after a gift you can wrap, perhaps a digital picture frame would be ideal. Thanks to digital cameras, people are now taking more snaps than ever before. The only trouble is, it can be hard for individuals to decide which of these images to display in their homes.

By offering your parents digital frames, you can help ensure they’re able to show off a host of pictures.

By Ryan