It’s that time of year when holiday décor can be seen at department’s stores and commercials start suggesting you need to buy this and buy that. Before you begin to stress, take a deep breath and try these 5 tips to a stress free holiday gift giving experience:


Start early:The earlier you start your gift giving process the better for your stress levels. Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s time to start now searching now. Don’t wait until the week before when shopping malls are unbearable and online shipping dates are limited. So start shopping now!

Try online: Anything you can find in a store you can find online, if not more. Some clothing and electronic stores offer more options of a product online than in the store because it’s easier to keep in the warehouse than in the actual store front. Shopping online allows you to find the best gift faster and without waiting in a long line. Returning is just as easy as well, be sure to always give a gift receipt.

Pinterest: Most complaints for anyone giving a gift is that it is hard, especially for shopping for a woman. Here’s a hint: follow her pins on Pinterest. Pinners pin things that they only want and love. Surprise them with the pair of boots or print that they pinned three times. Look over their boards and get an idea!

Just ask: Cut out the guessing work and just flat out ask the person what they want. They may already have a list for the holidays. Some people have no problem telling you exactly what they want. And if you don’t get the answer you are looking for then try giving a gift card. Gift cards were once called impersonal but these days, gift cards are some of the most coveted gifts to receive.

Remember: As cliché as it may sound, gift giving is best when it is given from the heart. It’s the thought that counts and that statement couldn’t be truer. Whatever gift you give will be received with a full heart and lots of thank you’s if it was given from the heart. Don’t be scared to dig a little deeper this holiday season.

Start early and take the time to do your homework by searching Pinterest pages. You can find great inspiration and things that your person really wants to have. Don’t be afraid to just ask and remember that gifts that come from the heart are the most appreciated. Don’t stress and have a wonderful holiday season!

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