Keeping your kids come and entertained is one of the most important jobs as parents to their kid – therefor, it is of the out most importance that kids get what they deserve – kids get the most fun out of playing games so it would be of common sense to give them games to play – in this new era kids are more prone to playing video games on consoles instead of outdoor games but no all games are suitable for them. Genres of games going form actions games to even adult rated games are there so it has been fixed that a few games are designed especially for the young minds. These games are made exclusively for kids and help them pass time or even help them learn in the form of playing. Here are seven of the best gaming apps for kids and in order to get them please keep your ps3 phone number close and ready!

Gaming Apps

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1. Effect sensory LIGHT BOX iPhone /ps3 /Android – one dollar and forty nice cents. It’s for those kid who are mentally retarded but al is fun for any kid with and imaginative mind .Each way of input has different effects on the game of the twenty-one clips. This game will be loved by a even greater audience audience.
they even come with the Lego super hero’s movie maker!

2. Lego Heroes movie MAKER iPhone /iPad /ps3– doesn’t cost a single dime. Parent love this app along with kids. The thought was that kid can create their own Lego stories, using still pictures and clips taken form real life.. Also has the make go app.

3. MAKEGO iPhone /iPad /ps3 – one dollar and 49 cents. like mincraft but the kids version. its offers three virtual mode of transport: car, boat and a mini-truck. the idea was to build your own vehicle out of lego or other things, Then drag and drop on the app it. Comes with the monsters mash up logo.

4. MOSHI MONSTERS: MOSH-LINGS iPhone /iPad /ps3 – sixty nice cents. It is like a virtual mmo for children. They have monster avatars, varying form sixty different kinds, and virtual skins to customize them them. Comes with the pip and posy wallpaper.

5. Pip and Posy for the iPhone /iPad /ps3 – two dollars. This is based of the game of axel rose the game of the book called graffito. Painting and Sudoku is included, you can even put your own face as an avatar using a camera. Contains the Toca kitchen logp

6. Toca Kitchen for the iPhone /iPad /ps3 – one forty nine cents. Instead of letting them be a chef in real life, its like a virtual one in a game world. Cooking for different in game characters, all the skills needed to become a chef using modern technology to make tasty meals. Has a toca train with it as well.

7. Toca Train for the iPhone /iPad /ps3 – one dollar and forty nice cents. Coming from the Toca Kitchen franchise, this is train simulator in a cartoon three dimensional world filled with passengers to pick up and drop off and since it is completely free world people can add their characters and create the story as we go along.

Article by Sophie Samuel