Unlike girls, guys are very particular about few things. You can gift these things to him on his birthday. So if you are looking out for some gift ideas for your boyfriend on his birthday, then you know what you have to do.


1. Guitar: Mostly all guys are into guitars and if you know that your guy has been planning to learn to play the instrument or plays this instrument, but does not own the latest model then can gift him a guitar. If you have the budget, then you can gift him the Acoustic guitar, which is sure to bring a twinkle in his eyes.

2. Belt: Just like girls even guys cannot have enough of certain accessories like belts. Gift him a pure leather belt of his favorite color and he will be absolutely delighted. If you know his favorite brand, then half of your task is done. All you got to do now is to go to the shop and gift wrap it.

3. Swiss watch: Every guy loves to have watches and I am sure Swiss watches is a brand which none of the guys have been able to resist. This scratch resistant watch is sure to cost you a lot, but the smile on your boyfriends face is completely worth it.

4. Perfumes: Everyone has their own favorite when it comes to perfumes and I am sure you will be the best judge about gifting your boyfriend same brand or its time for a change if yes, then this is the best way to introduce him to something new.

5. Sunglasses: This is again one such item which nobody can have enough! If your boyfriend, already has these then you can go for another shape or style, but you can be rest assured that your guy will simply love them.

7. Gadgets: Almost all men are gadget freaks and I am sure there must be a gadget or two on the wish list of your guy. If you have the budget, then you can gift him one of the latest gadgets from his wish list and he will be simply thrilled.

8. Grooming Kit: Even men take care of their appearance as much as we women do. So on your Boyfriend’s birthday you can give him a grooming kit which has everything right from his shower gel to hair brush. Be rest assures that this is one gift which he will use most frequently.

9. Shirts: It’s the most common of the gift but it can actually make you feel cozy for him. Can you even imagine, your guy wearing your gift on any special day of his life. Exciting, isn’t it? But for such moment don’t forget to pick it up from an elite collection with nice fabrics.

10. Exercise Kit: By this term exercise kit, I mean to say you can buy him a complete set of gym wear, hand cuffs, shoes, that attractive gym bag. Today is the time for fitness and why not to boost your man for being fit.