Buying a gift for a kid nowadays is easier than ever before, thanks to the video games industry. While a lot may argue that video games are not the best way a kid should use his free time, it has been proven that video games, played moderately of course, can be quite benefic for children, as they allow them to develop a lot of useful skills. However, with so many video games to choose from, how do you know which one is the best pick? This article will tell you.

Super Mario 3D World


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If you thought Mario was just the iconic video game of your childhood, think again. This game seems to be immortal, otherwise there’s no real explanation to how it manages to stay so popular decades after it first appeared on the scene. Super Mario 3D World is a reincarnation of Mario for the Nintendo Wii platform – one of the best yet, according to critics, which is full of new adventures, colorful scenery and a difficulty curve that makes the game suitable both for hardcore Mario fans, as well as for newbies to the world of Mario. If things get a bit too complicated for your youngster, his friends can join in in a co-op multiplayer mode that will make the game a lot more fun than it already is. Or maybe you can join in, and see if you’ve still got it?

Lego Marvel Super Heroes


There’s absolutely no way you can go wrong with this one, as it combines two of the worlds you kid loves – Lego and super heroes. This open-world arcade game has everything your kid could wish for, placing the action into the city of New York, a city he can explore freely pretty much like in the Grand Theft Auto games, minus the violence. Iron Man, Wolverine or the Black Widow are just a few of the superheroes available in Lego Marvel Super Heroes; are you ready for some adventure?

Tiny Brains


If you happen to have a PlayStation 4 lying around, and you’re looking for a game that will entertain both your kids as well as yourself, Tiny Brains might be the perfect pick. The game is about 4 lab animals that gain superpowers, and need to use these to solve various puzzles and quests. What makes it so fun is the fact that each of the characters has unique powers and you will have to come up with creative ways to combine these powers in order to complete each quest! This is the perfect game if you want to reunite the whole family together, as it is best with four players working in tandem.

Disney Infinity


So what do kids love just as much as video games? Toys, of course! Disney Infinity combines the best of both worlds, by coming with an innovative way of integrating physical elements into a video game. The game consists of a stand known as Infinity Base, which serves as a base for the other physical elements you can add to the games. There are two slots for characters on the Infinity Base and one slot for world disks; there are various world disks available, each world disk coming with a different environment. However, the most attractive part of the game are the figurines – you can choose between a wide varieties of figurines from various Disney or Pixar worlds, such as Monster’s University, The Incredibles Toy Story and so on. When a character is placed on the Infinity Base, it is automatically loaded into the video game, ready for playing. Considering the fact that each character comes with its own special abilities and dedicated quests, it’s up to your kids to try each and every one of them, and find interesting combinations of characters from different worlds. Characters from the same world can be used together to play the dedicated campaign, and when your kids are bored of all these (which won’t be anytime soon), they can even create their own custom world to play in – is that awesome or what?

The game is purchased as a Starter Pack, which includes three characters and the Infinity Base, the rest of the characters and play set disks being purchased separately.

This is the guest post by Jason Phillips and Train Games 365!