Whether you are saying good bye to a young student going broad for studies or an adventurous friend going off on an adventure of a lifetime, there is something you can give to anyone of these individuals or for that matter any loved one going off on a journey.


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So while they are putting the finishing touches to their travel plans, why don’t you take some time out to consider what you’re going away gift to them will be.

Here is a list of some of the most useful things you can give to someone who is about to step out into the world in a whole new way:

Passport/ documents holder: losing your travel documents in a foreign land is one of the worst things that could happen to anyone. This is why it is essential to keep travel documents safe and organized. For this purpose the best thing you can do is buy them a passport and documents holder which has separate zippered pockets for keeping various important items, such as a passport, money, credit cards and a keys.

Swiss Army Knife: another great idea is a Swiss Army knife; believe me I haven’t noted enough occasions during my own travels where a Swiss Army Knife did not literally save my life. So even if you are not envisioning your travelers to be caught in life threatening situations, a Swiss Army Knife will serve them well in any case. 

Universal Power Adapter: Today journeys and memories are being captured through digital cameras, cell phones and laptops. However, all of these devices need to be charged and not all countries might be using the same voltage. So buy them a Universal Power Adapter so if they have any electronics or devices recommended for universal voltage of 100-240V AC they can easily use the adapters that work as a plug converter.

Neck pillow and sleep mask: Journeys can be tiring and while traveling one can’t expect to enjoy the best of accommodation. For this purpose you can buy them a neck pillow, which will provide them a lot of comfort and relief on long flights, bus rides or train rides. Sleep masks are great for catching a few much needed winks during flights, or rides on trains and buses. They can even use them for sleeping off their jetlag in hotel rooms with no window shades.

Hanging toiletry bag: Traveling is all about mixing and mingling with new people and cultures, this might sometimes involve shared showers and bathrooms. For such situations, buying them a hanging toiletry bag for keeping all their toiletries in one place is a great gift.

Journal: Encouraging a traveler to keep a journal of all they went through and experienced during their nomadic lifestyle if a great idea, so buy them a journal to record all their thoughts, impressions, emotions and experiences in.

EReader with Subscriptions to various publications: don’t just encourage them to keep up with what’s going around in the world by buying them an eReader, but also buy those subscriptions to various publications like the Lonely Planet, Cultural Guides and online news providers like Economist, News Week, Financial Times etc., and other global information sources.

Camera or video camera: Yes everyone now has cell phones to take pictures with, but nothing can replace a good camera when it comes to taking pictures with depth and excellent image quality. Smartphones do have cameras too but they are just for casual photos. However, a proper digital camera like a 35mm Canon or Nokia with advanced features, additional lenses and greater memory can truly capture the essence of traveling and bring back precious memories years after the traveling if over.

So this was a simple and inexpensive guide to super smart gifts which the receivers will truly appreciate. So while your loved one is busy filling out their visa application, why don’t you go through this list and figure out how to make this trip easier, more enjoyable and successful for them. Happy Gift Giving!