As the weather begins to change and the temperature seems to drop a little more every day, of course people are beginning to think along the lines of December and the joys it brings in the form of Christmas gifts. Some may tut at how early supermarkets have Christmas aisles or how there are already a couple of wintry television adverts around, but there really is a good reason. Leaving Christmas shopping to the last minute rarely turns out well, so it is a good idea to get organised.

With the internet being what it is these days, fast, easily accessible and you can get more online than in any store, I know several people who are planning to purely buy their gifts online this year. I’m not sure I will be doing all mine online, but certainly some.

My mother is a nightmare to buy gifts for as what do you get the woman who has everything? Well, this year I’m thinking that my gift for her should include ornaments; something she doesn’t need but might just want. I have discovered this Lucky Elephant Candle Holder which I think is adorable and I’m tempted to buy one for her as well as one for myself! It is a fair trade, handmade in India product using recycled materials which means each is individual.

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On the same website, I found the Lucky Elephant Watering Can which is of the same style as the tea light holder. It carries 1.8 litres of water which charmingly comes out of its trunk and again, each is unique as they are all handmade. It says on the website, “In many cultures the elephant symbolises good fortune, with its trunk up it is meant to mean good luck.” Surely this can only be a good thing?

The same applies to my dad in the sense that he has want of nothing as he claims he has everything he needs. I always find it difficult thinking of any presents for my dad but I have spotted a couple of joke gifts and some personalised mugs which are always a winner!