The UK’s monarchy is probably the most famous in the world. Despite the fact that the island nation is very small in global terms, the impact it has had and, indeed, still has, cannot be underestimated. Tourists come to Britain in their millions every year to see the royal family, the palaces and other attractions, and especially for those special occasions like royal weddings, the State Opening of Parliament, and so on. Most of them want to take home with them a memento of the occasion and all that they have enjoyed during their visit.

royal memorabilia

There are many producers of royal memorabilia, and they all work tirelessly to unsure a comprehensive choice of items designed for the tourist to take home with them, to keep as reminders. Some of these items, such as fine porcelain plates, or, perhaps, engraved silver objects, will be very expensive, especially those that form part of a limited edition. They will become more collectable as time goes by, and their value will increase, making them a very worthwhile investment. They will also become heirlooms to be handed down from one generation to the next. They will come with an accompanying certificate showing the individual production number to prove their authenticity, and this certificate will need to be kept secure – the item will be worth more with it than without it.

Not everyone has unlimited funds to spend, though, and there are plenty of cheaper items available with which to start a royal memorabilia collection. Someone can still collect plates, say, that are illustrated with pictures of the occasion or the relevant details such as the date and place, but these will have been made with less expensive materials and therefore will not become as valuable. These less expensive items will not be so much of an investment, but they will still do what they are designed to do – provide a lasting reminder that earns its own sentimental value.