Ever give your lady a gift that she threw in the back of the closet and left? Do you want to avoid feeling like a thoughtless guy but are at a loss for inspiration? Well, lucky for you, there’s a new product out called Giftique. It delivers gift recommendations that represent your SPECIFIC relationship.

How do they do it?

Step 1: Enter unique information about your relationship. Things like the location of your first date, her favorite hobbies/activities, romantic travels, etc. An example below:

Question: Where in the world did you and your significant other have your most romantic travels?

Answer: Africa

Step 2: Answer as many questions as you can and view Giftique’s suggestions. Giftique pulls personalized, customizable, and hand-curated gifts that you can buy for your partner and sorts them by popularity and price. So the above example would give the following result:


Image source Etsy

It is mostly marketed toward men (although women can use it too) and is free to use. They just recently launched this past week so there are still a few hiccups – but they make it easy to provide feedback and are constantly trying to make the process better for us gifters.

Give her a gift that means something – something that will make her remember all the wonderful things you did together in the past; Giftique guarantees you two will have plenty to do in the future.