What better way to personalize a gift for a person than to have a promotional tote bag made especially for them. While not exactly thinking in terms of a plain canvas bag with three embossed monogrammed letters on it, a tote bag with a person’s values, beliefs or a company’s branded slogan on it, is the way to go in today’s world.

You don’t have to be a walking cruise line advertisement to promote with a tote bag. Just have something unique to say, and it’ll be printed by quality online specialty shops such as Tote Bags 4 You. However, a cruise line event would be the ideal place to use these Sailor Bags.

The Absolute Sailor Bag in particular comes with nautical-style, twisted rope handles to match anything maritime in nature that you may have. Naturally, being 100 percent waterproof helps in case it hits the water at the beach or drops into a swimming pool as well. If it falls off a cruise ship, it’ll still be waterproof, but good luck in retrieving it–or anything else.

There are so many reasons to use the Absolute Sailor Bag, but let’s start by saying that they have a fantastic ROI value as they’ll always serve to promote your company, organization or even your place of worship. In addition, being a perfect size utility bag as well, your gym clothes, sunscreen and mosquito repellent or afternoon in-a-hurry snack will all be safe being carried snugly in your Absolute Sailor Bag.

If it’s style you prefer, then this sailor bag is the way to go for you or your company. The water-repellent, coated canvas matte finish, nautical-styled rope handles and rugged interior lining make this a tote bag of choice for many who have already selected them to represent their company. In addition, the zippered cell phone or wallet pockets are especially cool for transporting your needed accessories.

Get the premier tote bag now for your next fundraising gift hand-out. It’ll inspire those who attend to really donate with a willing and generous heart. Trade shows and corporate gatherings will also appreciate the opportunity to keep their brand in the public eye, as will giving them out as V.I.P. gifts for the holidays.

Check out this, and other tote bag gift ideas now, by visiting quality online specialty shops: they’ll have your brand or inspirational ideas covered.