No matter what occasion it is you can always make a great gift for everyone on your list. The holidays, birthdays or even juts surprise gifts can be simple and affordable to make and leave a great impression. While there are many sites that will give you instructions on how to make gifts, you need to come up with an idea first on what gifts to make. Here are some simple gift ideas for people on your list:


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The Princess

A princess can be hard to find a gift for but you just have to think simply. Shiny, sparkly, girly things are usually a hit. There are many great options for the princess on your list. Here are a few:

· Crown –There are many great ways to make a crown for your princess to wear year round. From kid friendly felt to more adult versions in metal, there are easy ways to make your princess feel special. For the felt design simply cut out the proper pattern and size and sew together. Add decorations like gems and glitter for extra pizzas or you can even add their name to the crown. For the metal crown you can use jewelry wire to create a series of triangles around a central loop. Make sure to spray the connections with a sealer to keep them from slipping. Paint the crown a beautiful gold for a royal touch.

· Cuffs – Beautiful lace cuffs are just a few seconds away! To make this simple but beautiful gift take some paper lace and wrap it around a form in the proper size. A bottle or can will usually work. Then spray it with gold paint and glitter. Coat with a clear sealant for an awesome cuff.

· Leaf Bracelet – You can make a cute bracelet for any little princess to enjoy. Using silver or gold jewelry wire, shape three leaves in an interlocking pattern. Then add a single strand to hold them together into a bracelet for a cute cuff that your princess will love.

· Buttons – Buttons are tres chic! Create a cute button headband or bracelet with a strip of stretchy material and some fun colored buttons. Use classic metals, shiny jewels, or simple pastel colored buttons to individualize your gift. It does not take a lot of experience to sew on buttons and it makes a big impact!

The Decorator

We all know someone who loves to keep their home beautiful. It is not hard to find something fun to give someone like that, but coming up with a do it yourself gift can be a little harder. Here are some great gift ideas for the decorator on your list:

· Quotes – Cute signs are a decorator’s dream. From quotes to funny sayings to in jokes, you can take a simple piece of wood and turn it into something special. Use a stencil in a cool font to make it stand out and antique it a bit to fit in with their décor. They’ll love it.

· Mirrors –One awesome idea I ran across was using stickers, black paint, and a mirror to create awesome wall art. Just use the stickers to spell out a word or phrase on the mirror and then paint over them with the black paint. Let it dry and then peel off the stickers for an awesome mirrored finish!

The Outdoorsman

Rugged and handy, there are many great DIY ideas for the outdoorsman. Here are some ideas:

· Crochet Hats and Scarves – Although crochet is not something everyone can do, for those that can a hat or a scarf could be just the thing to make for the outdoorsman. Use their favorite sports team’s colors or keep it simple earth toned for a gift they will enjoy all winter long.

· Wind Chimes – Wind chimes are a great gift for the outdoorsman as they can be made with practically anything. From soda pop bottle caps to tools like wrenches and nuts, to sea shells or driftwood, you can find items that your outdoorsman likes and incorporate them into a windchime for their yard or home.

· Firewood Carrier – Simple and useful, it takes only minimal sewing skills to make this gift. Taking a heavy piece of material you need to cut it to the proper size and sew in two spaces for handles to go through, making sure to cut out room for the hands. Smooth wooden poles slip through the sewn areas and the outdoorsman can fill the carrier and take a bunch of wood indoors at the same time.

The Minimalist

This is one type that is hard to think of a gift for. They want nothing and need even less. However there are a few easy DIY gifts that even they will enjoy. Check out these ideas:

1. Wall Art – Simple wall art ideas are everywhere. One idea I love is using a hole punch and colorful ribbon to trace out a minimal design. Pair with interesting typography, maybe embossed, and you have great wall art for any home. You can also use nails and string to make string art in a variety of shapes and sizes.

2. Succulent Plant Life –Succulents are very prominent in minimalist décor as they bring a touch of the outdoors in without making too great of a visual impact. Choose gray or dark green succulents and plant them in a simple container. Pack them tight for a cool modern look that your minimalist will love.

3. Personalized Mug – Using a permanent marker you can make your own one of a kind mug. The best design is made by using stickers matched to the gift receiver’s initials. Place them close together on the mug and then dot around the stickers with the permanent marker. Make a cool spotted design that is close enough so that when you peel the stickers off the initials clearly show up. Then bake in the oven for a short time to permanently set the marker.

The Artist

From the painter to the dancer to the artist at heart there are many gifts that can appeal to the artist’s tastes. Here are a few ideas they will love:

· Giant Whiteboard – For kids and adults alike this simple DIY idea will be a hit. Imagine a whiteboard you can lie down on or use to cover a wall. A large white shower curtain is the perfect solution. Using a permanent marker draw a space for their art. A ‘picture frame’ or ‘lined paper’ look is very cute and usable. Then all they need is some dry erase marker to make and remake art. Fun for adults and kids this easy craft project is affordable and only takes minutes to make a big impact.

· Tie Dye – Easy tie dyed shirts are only a few steps away! Unlike the old method you can easily make intricate designs with permanent markers and alcohol! Just draw the design and then spread the shirt taught. Drop on rubbing alcohol to give it that classic tie dye effect and you can have a cool wearable work of art in no time that your artist will love.

· Plant Magnets – Another cool artistic gift is a plat magnet. Just get some clay and a flower, leaf or other small plant. Using a rolling pin, roll the plant imprint onto the small clay piece. Let dry and then paint. Glue on a magnet and you have a one of a kind gift.

As you can see, it is easy to make a one of a kind gift for everyone on your list. There are so many cool do it yourself crafts out there. Just come up with a creative idea and someone will tell you how you can do it quickly and easily. Enjoy giving gifts you made yourself!

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