Magic fills the air when Christmastime approaches. ‘Tis the season to gather with friends and family to eat, drink and be merry. Each year, we look forward to the Christmas meal of roast turkey, potatoes, brussels sprouts, pigs in a blanket, cranberry sauce and Christmas pudding. Quite a bit of planning goes into the holidays — there is selecting your tree, whether you choose a real pine or you get an artificial Christmas tree at, party preparations and getting the perfect gift for everyone on your list. It sometimes gets a bit overwhelming. You might have decided on gifts for your mum and best pal but are stuck on your dad, or vice versa. Never fear! Here are some Christmas gift ideas for everyone on your list.

2012 christmas

Everything’s Coming Up Royalty

There are many items to commemorate the 60th year of our beloved Queen, so choose a 2012 Diamond Jubilee keepsake. From bone china plates and tea cups to coasters or magnets, honoring Queen Elizabeth II is sure to please any recipient. Or, consider a mug or t-shirt picturing William and Kate’s famous Royal wedding day kiss.

For the Men in Your Life

It’s sometimes hard to think of a unique holiday gift for the men in your life. Martha Stewart has some crafty suggestions to delight even the most difficult gift recipient. A shoeshine supply pail filled with shoe polish and its applicator, terry cloth towel, leather cleaner, saddle soap, shoelaces, brush and shine cloth can all sit in a shiny tin pail. Or, a grill kit outfitted with handy grilling accessories. This can include tools, a thermometer, grill brush, gloves, wooden skewers, a marinade brush and a selection of different barbeque sauces.

Personalise It

Santa Cushion

Get personal this year with your loved one’s favorite pet, football team or comic printed on a novelty personalised cushion. These come in many different shapes, there is even a witty owl-shaped cushion. You can also put your own picture on one so the recipient can think of how thoughtful you are every time they look at it.

Scrummy Treats

You can’t go wrong with something edible. There are numerous options to choose from in the world of food and drink. Baskets of artisanal cheese, fig spread and wine for your gourmet is sure to please, while scrummy balls of vanilla and fudge cake coated in hardened frosting sitting on a stick will melt anyone’s heart. A bouquet of cake pops is a great gift for men, women and children alike. Exotic chocolates wouldn’t be a bad choice either.

Union Jack Swag

Give a symbol of unity with a Union Jack adorned gift. From flags and buntings to wall art and football snood, showing pride and adoration for your country is a present in itself. You can go big with the wide array of gift options. Maybe a pair of Union Jack Dr. Martens?

Bath and Body

Comfy jim jams and dressing gowns are always a hit at Christmas time. Imagine seeing a big box under the tree with your name tag on it. You open it to find the softest fleece or smoothest silk dressing gown to wrap yourself into on Christmas morning.

A spa treatment certificate for a facial or massage will warm a woman’s soul. Or, put together a gift set with her favorite scented soaps and lotions. Throw in some massage oil, bubble bath soap and hair masque for extra pampering.

Thinking ahead will take any extra stress out of planning your holiday season activities and menus. If ordering your gifts online, be sure to order with plenty of time to spare considering the Royal Mail backs up during the holiday season.