Easter is certainly one of the most loved holidays by all peoples around the world. With the meaning of a great hope and a welcome relief after a long, dark, worrisome season, Easter celebrates life and rebirth. And where there is spring there is hope and celebration! No good celebration passes without heart-warming gifts, something personal to show just how much we care. And to get you inspired – this top 10 ideas of traditional and not so traditional Easter gifts:

1. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Chocolate is a great companion for any celebration and Easter is no exception. It was at about early 1800’s that the first chocolate Easter eggs appeared in Germany and France and soon spread to the rest of Europe and beyond. If you find that traditional Easter eggs and Bunnies are not sophisticated enough, you can always choose some great variety of gourmet chocolates or be adventurous and make your own chocolate at home!

2. Show me the colours!

An Anglo-Saxon legend tells how the Saxon goddess Eostre found a wounded bird and transformed it into a hare, so that it could survive the winter. The hare found it could lay eggs, so it decorated these each spring and left them as offering to the goddess. Nowadays coloured Easter eggs are inseparable part of Easter Sunday traditions. From hand coloured eggs to ceramic or even diamond inlaid – Easter eggs is great traditional gift!

3. What’s there hiding in the basket?

Gift Basket- another traditional and very popular gift. Easter traditional Easter Baskets can include anything you wish- just let your imagination go wild. From traditional chocolate or fruit gift basket, to special gourmet food basket or even a picnic hamper – this gift can be ideal for someone within a distance!

4. Blossom with attention

Spring, Easter and Flowers are like three musketeers – they are meant to be together! Colourful bouquet of spring daffodils or fresh blossoming Hyacinths is just stunning! But why not give something a little bit more long- lasting? Easter lilies and tulips are amazing flowers that bloom in the late spring – you know spring has arrived when you see their stunning blossoms outlining a sidewalk or a garden bed. Top it up with nicely decorated flower pot – and voila! Long lasting and personal gift which will continue gladden even then the Easter is long gone.

5. Diy

6. Let it burn…

Though traditional Easter Candle, Paschal candle, comes from deep religious traditions, in the modern Easter traditions candle accustomed itself as a popular gift. Differently scented, ‘Eastery’ shaped or even personalised – candle is a lovely present to embrace the cosiness of your celebration.

7. Spring on your table

Lovely Easter eggs are meant to be eaten from lovely dishes. Easter or spring themed tableware is a great addition to any celebratory table. Cups, plates, tablecloths, egg holders – you name it –a great little souvenir to reward your beloved ones.

8. Very real Easter symbol

Fluffy, lovely and oh so cute! The real symbol of Easter- true and alive – BUNNY! Something more outrageous and brave – but if you are ready for a new member of your family – that’s a gift that will guarantee many smiles and great moments for many Easters to come.

9. Hanging Bird Feed Tables

10. Stuffed toys