Exciting tech products are all about convenience, and this includes those that are ready to take their gadgets on the go. Finding the perfect gift for family, coworkers, and loved ones can be a difficult task though, especially with technology trends changing at an astonishing rate. For those that are ready to make the most out of their present here are five of the top options for tech fans.

Five Gifts For The Techno Junkies on The Go

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1. 4G Wireless Card

One of the most aggravating scenarios when out of the home is finding a wireless network. While many travelers have a smartphone that is capable of connecting to a 3G or 4G network, this will often eat into precious data plans. A 4G wireless card is offered by companies such as Verizon and AT&T and will provide internet to laptops, e-readers, smartphones, and countless other gadgets for a small monthly or yearly fee.

2. Tablet PC

Tablet PCs provide travelers with a powerful computer with one very important feature, and that is mobility. When connected to wifi or tethered to a wireless card, a tablet PC will become a mobile computing station for checking email, shopping, making hotel reservations, or simply surfing the internet. Chips, cracks, moisture, and dust can take their toll on these devices, however, and that is why it is important to protect them with a sturdy case from Allcases.

3. Smartphone Camera Lenses

Carrying a separate digital camera is no longer a necessity with some of the advanced smartphone camera lenses that are currently available. From micro shots to a fish-eye lens, these small accessories can be quickly slipped over the default lens of a smartphone in order to turn to make every shot crisp and clear.

4. Multifunctional Charger

For those that have traveled extensively with electronic gadgets, keeping the correct charges on hand at all times can become a hassle. With a multifunctional charger, these individuals can forgo the need for a half dozen chargers with a single, slim unit. As an added bonus, these devices often come with anywhere from two to six ports making them the perfect option for when outlets are limited.

5. Bluetooth Keyboard

Reading emails or writing a quick text on a smartphone or tablet PC is often no trouble, but extensive writing can become a bit of a hassle. Bluetooth keyboards are more sturdy and ergonomic than ever and can be hooked up to a number of popular tech gadgets within a nine foot range.

Article by Madyson Grant