Choosing gifts can sometimes be easier if they are for special occasions like graduations or weddings, but when considered from a bird’s eye view, almost any other gift can be adapted to any occasion, the US holidays of Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, notwithstanding. Therefore, only the timing of gift shopping and gift giving differs. Specialty gifts can be for specific occasions, but the versatility of most gifts, and a few in specific, can cover any occasion or no occasion at all beyond “just because.”

Gift Ideas for Any Occasion


Hanging plants, potted plants or planted plants—those for outside growth—are limited only by space. Most plants in containers that rest on tables, shelves and window ledges are fully contained: The receiver provides appropriate lighting and a bit of water. Hanging plants take no surface space but can still decorate a room like little else, and they’re fully contained as well. There’s no need to buy the pot or soil: You’ve already provided that.

Plants may flower or bloom during specific seasons, but they provide lovely décor additions all year round. The flowers a plant may grow may pass through their annual cycles, but the thoughtfulness of the gift, the memory and the joy it brings are constant and everlasting.

Time Pieces

Wall clocks, watches and table clocks extend beyond seasonal need and use. You can accompany them with a package of batteries, or the receiver can simply plug into a wall or wind it up, set the time and perhaps think of you every time the time is checked.
Clock design is varied enough to fit any room or any décor. Metal, wood, plastic or glass, you can find a clock for any receiver or any home or office.

Watches lend a more personalized touch, for watches are personal items. You can purchase a watch that suits any personality, budget or special-occasion wear, whether an everyday item, a dressier watch for work or an elegant watch for evenings out. Even pocket watches cross gender and age lines these days. Smaller or larger, pocket watches are either chained or clipped on clothing for convenience of the wearer.

Standing clocks are usually major pieces, requiring a lot of room and a fair amount of time-keeping effort. If your budget allows, and if the receiver has room, even a standing clock can be presented for virtually any occasion. For smaller budgets, a miniature standing clock looks fantastic on ledges and shelves and can certainly be a conversation piece or elegant addition to many homes.


While wedding rings and high-end jewelry are usually reserved for special occasions, simple jewelry can be gifted for any occasion and never be out of season.
Necklaces, arm or ankle bracelets, pins, brooches and rings are great for any occasion, season, age range and budget.

Tie clasps, cuff links, small pins and discreet bracelets—yes, bracelets—are fashionable and lovely for men. These items also cross seasonal and age boundaries and can fit into any budget. They can be flashy or discreet, depending on the personality of the wearer and the statement the wearer wants to make when donning them.

Enjoy giving and perhaps getting any of these three gift areas that are perfectly suitable for any occasion!

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