The pens that make up the Montblanc Cruise Collection of fine writing instruments may at first appear simple in design, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see that they are refined, sophisticated and stunning. They are available in three different colors to suit your own personal taste and style, allowing you to choose from a luminous white, a rich blue reminiscent of the Atlantic Ocean, and a vibrant orange, bright as the coral in the beautiful reefs. You can also choose from wither a rollerball or a ballpoint pen.

The three pens in this polished collection feature many subtle embellishments, such as platinum-plated fittings, and clips and fine resin bodies. Even more outstanding, this collection also contains one of Montblanc’s useful and innovative digital pens, which enables you to use the pen with many devices that utilize touch screen technology. The Pix is the ultimate in a stylish stylus, and also features a rollerball exchange so that it can also be used as a writing instrument.

Celebrate the summer with one or more these classic pens, and choose the color that best matches your personality and taste. Are you a deep thinker—perhaps you’ll enjoy the deep Atlantic blue? Are you full of life wherever you go and whoever you’re with? Then vibrant coral orange might be the pen for you. And if you’re well attuned to today’s technology and seeking to add another element of style to your mobile devices, then the black Pix is likely the right pen for you.

Can’t decide which one you like? Simply contact us or visit our establishment in Montreal. The staff at the Montblanc Boutique are always friendly and courteous, and more importantly, very knowledgeable about the items we have available for sale in our boutique. We can help you choose a pen that truly defines who you are as a person, or choose one as a gift for your loved one or family member. The pens in the Montblanc Cruise collection make a great gift, and are also a good introduction to the luxurious world of Montblanc.

All items purchased at our establishment come with a two-year warranty. If you are purchasing the pen as a gift, we also provide gift wrapping for you. Pens and other items can also be shipped to you if you are not local to our establishment. Contact us online or via phone to learn more about our shipping policies and procedures, as well as to inquire about refunds. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you in answering any questions you may have, showing you other items you may be interested in, or even tracking down items we may not currently have in stock at the Montblanc Boutique.

By Ryan