What are you searching for today? Are you willing to gift something to your dad on some special occasion or just like that to say thank you? Then you are at the right place. Let me help you to find some perfect gift for your Dad to say “ I love you and Thank you for everything”.


Though these words can never be enough to express the gratitude for the deeds made by your dad for you. Even your dad will feel a kind of fulfilling happiness that you consider what he has done for you and are grateful for whatever he has done. So let us take a look at some great gifts for your dad.

1. A smart pen

Smart pen is designed in such a way, that it carries a kind of status with it. This pen writes for you as well as it works as a stylus for smart phones, when connected to it. It gives real writing experience. Your dad would love to have the latest technology, available in the smart pen range, even if he is not a technocrat.

2. Bathtub Gin with infusion kit

Let him have an adventure of making his own Gin with his friends with this kit. This kit comes in a set of natural coffee filter, stainless steel funnel, 500 ml glass bottle with label and instructions to prepare his own Gin. You would love to see the sign of the content on his face with a glass in his hand.

3. Resistance Cord kit

Resistance and strength training is must to keep him healthy after a certain age. With this resistance cord, he can also complete his work out at home and stay fit. It helps tone triceps, biceps, thighs, buttocks and back. He is definitely going to understand that you care a lot for his health and it will be a motivating factor for him.

4. Glass Chess set

Along with the body exercise, the mind also needs a stretch and what can be more interesting than a father and son playing a chess game. Glass material Royal runners look really royal at the chess board and it gives a premium feeling while playing this game.

5. Soup Mix subscription

When you are thinking of his mind and body health, they don’t forget that real health is hidden in the food that he eats. So gift him a soup subscription, which is delivered every month. 2 packs for each month, that serves 6 to 8 people. All he needs to do is just add water and taste the perfect blend of spices and ingredients.

6. Burberry London Woven Tie

Your gentleman dad is incomplete without a gift of tie from you. This Burberry London woven tie is made with pure silk and has a trendy design, just like Burberry’s very own. It will look stylish and trendy with many colors and your dad will look 5 years younger in it.

7. Bar B.Q grill stone oven set

If your dad loves to cook and is outgoing, then gift him this Barbeque set. He will enjoy with his friends and fellows on outings while exploring his cooking skills.

8. A Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is a perfect gift for workaholic dads. Let him work while having his favorite coffee at his fingertip. The coffee maker is not just the aid for long working hours but also a great way to relax.

So, you are completely ready with some gifts that can express your gratitude and care for your dad. We are sure he will be amazed to see your affection. Above all, it is a great feeling for any parent to get recognition of the emotions, they have invested, from their kids. Just move ahead and make his day special.

By Twinkle Parekh

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