Your first inclination when deciding which items belong on your boat may be to pack as few items as possible. While your boat may be small, the following tools are ones that you should always keep on a boat to ensure your safety and proper maintenance of the boat.


Even if you only plan on being on your boat during daylight hours, it’s still advisable to have an extra flashlight, marine light, extra flashlight batteries, and spark plugs. You’ll be glad to have these items in case the weather or other emergency alters your plans and you are out on the water after dark.


Although you may wish to perform much of your maintenance while your boat is in dock, chances are good that you will have to perform some last minute or emergency maintenance on the water. Basic supplies such as duct tape, tie wraps, socket sets, and sanding supplies can be obtained from most marine supply companies, such as Magna Marine Inc.

Safety Gear

The safest boats have a thorough stock of personal safety items such as gloves and boatyard coveralls. You should also include flares as part of your marine safety gear.
When deciding upon which items to include on your boat, always consider which items will be most helpful in the case of an emergency. You’ll want a brightly lit, well-maintained boat and well-stocked safety supplies to keep your time on the water as adventurous and fun as possible.

By Ryan