What is the perfect gift idea for Thanksgiving? Mouth-watering food like walnut chocolates or candy bars? Votive ?andleholders? Heartfelt greeting cards? Or maybe a classic beach cruiser for a biking zealot?

It’s all so individual! Thanksgiving is the special time for family celebration and to offer gratitude and thanks. At times like this a family becomes a family, friends reunite and lovebirds have the moments of their lives. The day of Thanksgiving is a perfect time for family congregations and festive meals with pumpkin pies and roasted turkeys. But it’s also the time for highly personalized gifts that mean the world to the one you give them to.

You want to go personalized at Thanksgiving. My spouse for example is Canadian (they celebrate Thanksgiving October 8th) and a great environmentalist. She got what she really for wanted for this day – a number of fancy reusable bags that she will also spread at work and among friends to aid beautiful Canadian environment. My younger bro got a personalized chocolate hockey stick which he, as he said, is sorry to eat!

Thanksgiving Day in one way is the expression of your care for those who have cared about you and also a great way to thank folks for all they have done for you this year. So – be extremely selective about choosing your Thanksgiving gift!