As an EA, you are often responsible for making sure valued clients, staff members and other associates are looked after, feel important and receive gifts that are appropriate for the occasion at hand. The gifts you select depend on what industry you are in, who the recipient is, how close they are to the business or the sender. As an EA, this can be a tough part of the job – especially given you have so much else to do, and don’t really have the time required to ensure the gift giving is perfect. The best idea is to never leave the office. Develop yourself a list of trusted suppliers with a range of gifts that are appropriate for different occasions. This enables you to simply select something appropriate when the request comes in, click a button and send it off.


Below are some ideas to start off your list:

1. Gifts that say we’re thinking of you

If your staff member or client is going through a tough time- whether personal or professional – and is quite closer to the business, it can be nice, and good for your relationship, to send them a little something so they know you’re thinking of them. In this case, something like a hamper, or even some orange or yellow roses can say you care and you hope they come into more fortunate times soon.

2. Congratulations

In a business, you will often work with clients who have their own business goals separate to yours. To help build the relationship, it is great to celebrate with them when they have a win, by sending them a memento! Online flowers or gift baskets are a great idea, or specialist hampers like the new fruit or chocolate bouquets.

3. Touching base

Keeping in touch with old clients is also a good way to make sure you retain their future business. This gift could be anything from the hampers or wine, through to novelty goods suited to your industry – some sample car seat covers if in the auto industry and so on – something that reminds them what you do, but also just says hi and lets them know you’re still there, doing what you do best.

4. Building a bond

Tickets are one of the best gifts you can give because they are not only valuable but provide more than a gift – they give an experience. Find out what is of interest to the client, or just purchase entry to a big ticket event, or even a corporate box, and your client will feel special and valued. Sending your own people along to the event with the client enables a shared experience, and can really build a strong bond between your people and your clients.

5. Thank you

When you win a new client, ensure you send them something so they know their new business is highly valuable to your business. In this instance, get an account with a wine cellar that stocks good quality wines. Select a champagne or even a vintage drop that shows you have taste and are willing to spend a little on your best clients.