Today I will talk about a gift for someone who hasn’t the time to do house cleaning or don’t like to clean.

The gift idea is very simple: hire a good cleaning service or do it yourself if you like and make a nice surprise to someone you love.

Tip: If he or she has a favorite carpet you can clean the carpet and make it a surprise. Los Angeles carpet cleaning are famous for removing spots out no other carpet cleaner can and they offer 30-Day No-Hassle Guarantee.

If you like to clean the entire house and not just the carpets here is a to do list:

  • in the Kitchen
    • Wipe down the sink after doing the dishes or loading the dishwasher
    • Wipe down the stove top.
    • Wipe down the counters
    • Sweep, Swiffer, or vacuum the floor
  • in the Bathroom
    • Wipe out the sink. Wipe the toilet seat and rim .
    • Swoosh the toilet bowl with a brush.
    • Wipe the mirror and faucet.
    • Squeegee the shower door.
    • Spray the entire shower and the curtain liner with shower mist after every use.
  • in the Bedroom
    • Make the bed .
    • Fold or hang clothing and put away jewelry.
    • Straighten out the night-table surface.
  • in the Living room
    • Pick up crumbs and dust bunnies with a handheld vacuum
    • Fluff the cushions and fold throws after use.
    • Wipe tabletops and spot-clean cabinets when you see fingerprints.
    • Straighten coffee-table books and magazines, throw out newspapers, put away CDs and videos.