Every company leader tries to understand and somehow classify people surrounding him or her. Indeed, with the number of people, we encounter every day, we manage directly or indirectly – to be effective, a leader needs to develop a certain ability to communicate. For this, as a handy tool can serve employee awards.

What moves a person to work or to do something at all? What could encourage people to continue to work on, when the basic hygiene factors are met? The main motivators are those motives that are beyond the money and conditions. Exactly this makes the employee loyal and highly effective.

Most often, a person dominated by one motive and one or two accompanied by, and there are reasons that he did not accept at all. But over time, the motives may vary the term for the motivation change is about 5 – 7 years.

A brief look at these motives and the tools to manage them.

Social Status

Description: The feeling of belonging to the brand, of well known company. Using the signs of social status, the person signals to others that he has already achieved a lot.


Tend to have status symbols, wear expensive clothes and expensive accessories, favors;
Appreciate all the prestige tends to think of him as a professional, proud of the work.
What motivates: Work in well-known company, even at lower wages, expensive business cards, and job title, in general, all that clearly demonstrates the status of a person. It is important to bear in mind that different people will denote the status of different things.

What does demotivate: work in lesser-known companies, the low status positions in the company’s lack of interest in the motivational Employee Awards by the company policy;
It must be noted that, every employee, if he does work good, awaits feedback from the leader. Therefore every leader should provide given employee with awards. In this case motivational gifts provide a great solution to the situation. This type of employee awards will cause in the feelings of an employee a feeling that someone is thankful for his work and it was appreciated.