I have always treasured events that only happen once a year(e.g birthdays, anniversaries, send offs). And for me, it is a must to make the people involved feel special during these events in their lives. One most tested present that never fails to make them feel this way is an honoring to them may it be in the form of photos or videos.

Imagine being given a CD of your life story on your 30th birthday or your colleagues’ well wishes for you during your send off to a new venture. It will always be something you can review or look into even if you are on your 50th or already outside the country.

 photos to cd

Before, when you have to keep your life’s memoirs, bulks and bulks of photo albums are always a struggle to keep and carry. Now, thanks to photos to cd services, you can just scan those photos, store them in a CD and bring them wherever and whenever you want to go with the weight less than half of those bulky photo albums.

And those videos in different video tapes? You can say goodbye to the different players and just have a common player to play them all once they have all been transferred to a DVD. Or if you want to use a hard drive or place it online, you can all do it through a site like ScanDigital.

I say that digital memoirs are the best gifts one can give. It does not only mean personal to the one you’re giving it to, it also gives them the ease and comfort to look back on the memories anytime and anywhere they want to.

I’m sure your loved ones will not only be touched by the effort but most of all by the impact this gift would give them to their lives.