Pink diamonds are the rarest and most valuable diamonds in the world. They were first discovered during the 16th century in India, who for years was the only source of these precious stones. Though some years later lesser deposits were found in Brazil and South Africa, it was not until the 1970s that stronger pink diamonds were discovered and became available to the market.

As time goes by the supply of pink diamonds is thinning out. It is projected to last just another decade. But what’s the story behind this piece of precious diamond? What makes it so valuable?


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How They are Produced

The first part, and perhaps the most vital, of the process is unearthing the precious stones. There are various forms of mining used by different mining companies to dig out diamonds. The Argyle Diamond mine, which is the world’s top producer of pink diamonds accounting for 90% of the world’s supply, uses underground mining to unearth the world’s most precious type of diamond. The Rio Tinto Group, owner of the Argyle underground diamond mine in Western Australia, signs up only with trusted contractors like Tenix to support them with the facilities and infrastructure needed for their mining operations. Today the diamond mine is known for its highest level of safety, efficiency and productivity.

Once the diamonds are mined it doesn’t stop there. They would need to undergo comminution and dense medium separation. Then finally there are sorted, categorised, cut, smoothed and polished.

For pink diamonds, the process is more elaborate. Cutting pink diamonds is more challenging. It requires the highest level of craftsmanship. Aside from the optimum level of skill and expertise needed, it also needs maximum sensibility to discern how best to cut the stone. The diamond cutter would need to be precise and make sure with each cut no colour is lost and the diamond’s inner beauty is revealed. Due to this exceptionally intricate process, cutting pink diamonds is oftentimes considered as an art.

Why They are so Valuable

The success of producing pink diamonds rely on different factors: effective execution of the arduous process of mining, reliable partnerships with trusted companies like Tenix, no errors in the complex cutting procedure, and highly skilled and sensible diamond cutters. This long process is part of the many reasons why pink diamonds are so valuable. Aside from these here are the other reasons why:

  • Pink diamonds are extremely rare. One year’s worth of mining would only amount to a few pieces that would easily fit inside one hand. It is said that pink diamonds are so rare that one million carats mined could only produce one carat fit for selling. It is primarily because these Argyle pink diamonds are so limited that they are very valuable.
  • Pink diamonds possess their own personality. No two stones are the same.
  • Compared to other gems, diamonds are more durable and pink diamonds more durable than most. This is due to their unique atomic structure.
  • Unlike some diamonds which are synthetically treated to produce certain colours, Argyle pink diamonds are natural.
  • Pink diamonds naturally inhibit elegance, glamour and sophistication. They are beautiful pieces of nature crafted to perfection.

Diamonds have attracted and astounded people for years and years, and it has continuously done so. It is still so greatly revered as much as it was during the time it was first discovered. If diamonds are highly valued, pink diamonds are more so. Owning a piece of diamond may be precious, but owning pink diamonds is magical. When these are no longer produced, pink diamonds will become extremely prized possessions that are part of history. If you have a pink diamond, you are one of a lucky few in the world who possess one of nature’s most valuable stone.

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