When you are looking for the perfect gift, you are looking for an ideal gift that truly means something, a unique gift idea that is at once irreplaceable and from the heart. At 3DLaserGifts.com, we understand the desire to find the perfect gift, so we created a custom process that renders a normal 2 dimensional photograph into a custom laser etched 3D crystal portrait. Because you choose both the photograph to be laser etched inside the heart of the crystal as well as the size and shape of the crystal gift, your 3D glass picture can be tailor-made to be appropriate for literally any occasion. We have made 3D laser crystals for Birthdays and Holidays, for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, for Wedding Gifts and Anniversary Gifts, for memorials to loved ones lost, and sometimes, just for fun.

3D Laser Gifts – Freestyle Tower Photo Crystal

How do we make your 3D Laser Crystal? It all starts with your photograph, and it can be whatever you want. Choose a memorable moment to capture, and upload your photo to our website. The ideal photograph will have a small number of subjects, whether they are faces, musical instruments, or pets, and will have a relatively high contrast. The higher the contrast, and the more in focus your photograph is, the more strikingly 3 dimensional your photo will appear inside the crystal. To read more about how this process works, please see this blog post, How do you make a 3D Photo Crystal?

Photography as an art form allows you to capture a moment to treasure; we take it one step further and laser-etch your photograph deep into the crystal, creating a beautiful work of art. It is transformed from a simple, 2 dimensional photograph into the perfect gift. Coupled with the lighted base, your 3D crystal portrait will look like a sculpture of light, the ghostly 3D image suspended in the heart of the crystal. Instead of worrying about the perfect Christmas or Mother’s Day gift this year, take the time instead to imagine the look of joy and wonder on her face as she unwraps a crystal portrait of her children or grandchildren. If your friends are getting married soon and you have yet to find the ideal wedding gift, look for a sweet snapshot of them gazing into each other’s eyes, upload it at 3dlasergifts.com, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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3D Laser Gifts – Train Mother's Day Photo Crystal