The holiday season, birthdays and a number of other events have many of us rummaging the market for the perfect gifts that we can give to our friends and families. However, most of the gifts which do seem appropriate seem to put stress on our wallets and pockets, leaving us debating its utility and usage. With the idea of fitness and health penetrating deep into the society, it would be useful and worthwhile to present someone with a gift which would help make their exercise and health routine comparatively better or even more enjoyable. Let’s look through ten healthy gift options that you can use to make your Christmas list this year and all the items would fit your budget of being under $25.

1. Head Bands with some Bling


A set of five head bands is easily available at all sports stores and outlets. The set would cost you no more than $20 and would also come in different colours. The bling factor comes in with the metallic finish or the glitter finish that head bands would have, depending on the ones you pick. These head bands are on their way to becoming a style statement for many gym goers today.

2. Runner’s Cap


For those passionate athletes around you, you could fetch them a fancy runner’s cap. A price of $16 would get you a thin cloth cap which has been specially designed for give space for even the pony tails to hang out easily. The thin material has its specialty of being light on the head, yet keeping it warm through chilly jogging sessions through strong winters. Depending on the presences of the person you buy it for, you could choose from a range of designs and colours that the store would have available.

3. Vacuum Flask


The outdoor enthusiasts who also have a tea or coffee addiction would do well with this flask. Insulated well and easy to carry, it will keep their beverage at the desired temperature for a long time, while also sealing it in and preventing any dangers of spills and leaks. The flasks now come in a variety of colours to choose from and would have a starting price of approximately $17.

4. Electrolyte Drinks


A number of electrolyte drink tablets now come in affordable bottles of $24. Each tablet can be used in two glasses of water which would have no sugar, very little calories and still add to the drinker’s energy level, as well as their endurance.

5. Energy Bars


The gym obsession would be widely satisfied with a bag of gym bars to be carried to the work out session. $15 can get you a bag of twelve bars which you can present to someone who makes regular visits to the gym and would need the instantly energy bars, along with the extra nutrients they provide for health and muscle building.

6. Resistance Bands: Give someone the exercise equipment they would need to address their toning needs. These set of bands have a market price of $20 dollars and can be picked up from any sports store. They make a great gift for someone looking to add on some extra muscle, especially in the comfort of their own home.

7. Yoga Mat Sling


After having considered the athletes and the gym enthusiasts, we must also look into the needs of the yogis. A trendy mat sling which makes moving those mat from the house to the park and back home stylish and easy as well. Each sling has a price of approximately $7.

8. Yoga Towels: For those extremely sweaty months, special super absorbent towels help the yogis to wipe their face or their slippery mats easily. With a starting price of $16 you could get your friends or relatives at the yoga arena matching towels to go with their yoga mats and help them to have a more comfortable exercise session.

9. Fix a Flat Kit: A small price of $20 can get you a whole kit to repair and refill a flat tire to prevent a biker from his worst nightmare. Bike rides do not need to be interrupted with flat tired even through the roughest terrain with this little pocket kit.

10. Gym Balls


A perfect addition to someone’s home gym, the big balls designed to handle big pressure of up to three thousand pounds. These balls make for great exercise routine at home and can even be a fun toy for the kids to start their healthy practices on. The 55cm ball is for $19 and the 65cm ball is for $22, both falling into the budget of keeping it under $25.

Understand the needs and exercise routine of the person and choose from a number of gifts that you think might be a complement to them. Give them a chance to enjoy their exercise schedules even more and you would also ensure that your gift brings maximum satisfaction and utility to them. Have a healthy shopping session.

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