I think that all kids love cartoons and video games. Children are fascinated by their favorite characters from video games and cartoons so the best idea is to get them gifts with the favorites.

Below you have 3 Christmas 2012 gift ideas for children related to popular characters form games and movies

#1. Wild Kratts backpack

Wild Kratts backpack

This cool backpack will be loved by your kid because it  features the Wild Kratt brothers which are pretty popular right now.

#2. Yoshi Kart Radio Control Kart

Yoshi Kart Radio Control Kart

I must admit I have a lot of memories related to Mario games. In my childhood Super Mario was the best game and I played it with my friends daily.

Now the Mario Karkts game is very popular especially among children because it is super fun. I have chosen Yoshi for this gift idea because it is one of the most loved characters, but you should get your kid’s favorite.

#3. Martha Speaks Snowfall Christmas Stocking

Martha Speaks Snowfall Christmas Stocking


For this Christmas don’t forgot to buy stockings. The lovable mutt from Martha Speaks on PBS KIDS wears a Santa hat as she smiles at your child from this personalized children’s Christmas stocking.

You can find all the gifts from this article at Tystoybox.com.