Are you looking for the perfect gift to give the person you love? Skip the gift card aisle, and look for better gifts that show more thought. For young professionals, personalized gifts are a great choice. With so many different types of gifts that are geared towards professionals, selecting the right item can be overwhelming. Here are 5 gifts that you may want to consider when you’re starting your search:

5 Customizable Gifts For The Young Professional

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1: An Engraved Money Clip

If the person you’re buying a gift for is known to just shove their spending money in their pocket, why not buy them an engraved money clip? Money clips can be engraved with names or sayings, and are the perfect gift to help young professionals stay organized.

2: A Personalized Robe

After a long day in the office, all professionals want to do is kick back and relax. Relaxation may include a hot bath or a trip to the hot tub. A personalized terry robe is a great gift. It will give the recipient a reason to relax in the hot tub or sweat out the toxins in the sauna.

3: A Personalized Cigar Humidor

Are you buying a gift for a cigar aficionado? If you are, why not give a gift that’ll help the birthday boy keep their cigars fresh? A personalized wood humidor is a great gift that’ll keep on giving. Not only will this gift show that you pay attention to the recipient’s likes, it’ll also give them the perfect platform to showcase their finest cigars.

4: A Personalized Tie Bar

Professionals are required to wear a tie virtually everywhere they go. Ties can get boring when they’re worn day after day, but with the right premium tie bars, your young professional will love getting dressed in their formal uniform. Have tie bars engraved with a name or initials, and give a gift that allows your young professional to impress their clients.

5: A Personalized Frame

Personalizing your desk with family photos and other keepsakes is a great way to connect to clients and other businessmen in the office. A personalized frame could be a great gift that will allow your loved one to do just this. Choose the right family picture, have the frame engraved, and even go as far as to choose a frame with a pen holder or a built-in clock to make it blend with other elements on the desk.

The most memorable and appreciated gifts are gifts that have meaning. Choose gifts you can customize and give a gift that will keep on giving well after the celebration.

Article by Jayla Barnsen