Buying a gift for a car enthusiast can be fun. Whether it’s fathers day, Christmas or a birthday, take the time to choose a gift that is just right for the person you’re buying it for. Car enthusiasts tend to be particular about quality, so spend a little extra to get the best brands.


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Most people hate dealing with glare from the sun while they are driving, so a pair of quality sunglasses is likely to be appreciated. Take cues from the recipient’s personal style when you’re choosing sunglasses for them. A classic pair in a neutral color is the best choice for someone you don’t know well.

A Great Travel Mug

Unless you know that your favorite car enthusiast doesn’t allow food or drink in their vehicle, a well-made travel mug or water bottle is a fantastic gift. Most people have had the painful experience of spilling hot coffee all over themselves and the floor and will appreciate having the protection that a quality travel mug affords. A travel mug with a car logo is a great gift on its own, or you can add a package of the recipient’s favorite coffee or tea to make the gift extra special.

Car Care Essentials

Car enthusiasts can never have enough waxes, cleaning cloths and other essential items for cleaning and taking care of their car. Look for their favorite brand of wax and put in a basket with air fresheners, leather cleaners and other items to make their ride sparkle and shine. Tires are often overlooked, so any cleaner that will make their Toyota Camry tires sparkle is a great choice. Ask someone close to the recipient if you’re not sure what brands of wax they are likely to use.


There are few things worse than getting lost when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, especially if you’re traveling down backroads where there are branches that could mar the perfect exterior of your car. A GPS is a great gift that is useful as well as fun. Most GPS units are easy to install and offer many features such as restaurant and gas station finders. Make sure that the GPS you choose is easy for the recipient to use without help.

A Trip to the Races

Car enthusiasts love to watch car races, so schedule a trip to a local raceway for some high-powered fun. Your favorite car enthusiast will never forget a day spent with you doing what they love, especially if you take them to the Daytona 500 or another prestigious race.

Article by Dixie Somers