Do you love working remotely? Do you enjoy having a boss that doesn’t scream and shout at you every single day? Sure you do. If you do your job and are committed to your projects, a remote employer can be the ideal employer. How do you repay them? Gifts might seem like a good idea. Here are 5 corporate gift options you should consider.

5 Gifting Options For Your Remote Employer 3

Image source Pixabay

  1. Traditional gift basket from your country

Assuming that you live and work in Paris, and your employer is in the US, the best corporate gift is a basket packed with traditional souvenirs from your country. Avoid edibles; your gift will travel thousands of miles, meaning that it might not get to the destination intact. Make a photo album with some of the best attractions and places of interest in Paris; send them nice bottles of wine, or invest in traditional souvenirs that can’t be found anywhere else. The purpose is to give your employer a taste of Paris in his hometown.

  1. Customized t-shirt

 How well do you know your employer? Do you have conversations outside the virtual office? It’s natural to preserve a friendly attitude with your boss; in fact, studies have shown that the best professional relationships must be nurtured, so that you can understand each other on a human level too. A customized t-shirt with a funny drawing or writing will definitely put a smile on his face. Go for something unconventional, and think outside the box.

  1. Personalized leather notebook

 Every business individual needs a leather notebook. It might seem like the most conventional type of gift; but if you engrave it on the cover, and add a personal message on the inside, you’ll make a memorable impression on your boss. Focus on quality and invest in a branded notebook if you can afford. Surprise him by shipping it to their physical mail box. Nobody uses it anymore, so it’s a great chance to do something different for once.

 Personal gift, but not too personal

 A remote employer is difficult to read. If most conversations occur online, or on the phone, it’s tough to sense what they might like. The secret is to listen very carefully to what they have to say. Maybe they’ve always wanted to have an item that can’t be found in their country. Personal gifts are ok, but be careful not to offer them something too personal.

 A nice photo album always works like a charm. A wristwatch can also be appropriate, as long as you didn’t spend a fortune on it. Add a bit of humor to the mix, and make an impression targeted at them. Don’t offer something that’s too general and can be bought anywhere. Do your research! Use the web for assistance. Coupon codes and vouchers are excellent ideas too. You can buy them, and have them delivered to their inbox.

  1. Plane ticket to your home country

When building business relationships, sometimes it’s nice to go beyond the conventional idea of a corporate gift. Invite your employer to visit your home country/city by purchasing them a plane ticket. If you can a bit the extra mile, provide accommodation too. They’ll certainly appreciate the gesture. It is an opportunity for them to relax and get their minds off work; but it’s also a chance for you to meet your employer in person.

Face-to-face meetings help strengthen business relationship. Your work will be even more appreciated, not to mention that it’s a unique opportunity for them to travel someplace they probably have never been before. Some memories are worth a thousand gifts, so why not do something completely different for someone you love working for?

There’s no need to invest a fortune in luxury corporate gifts to wow an employer. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, it’s the gesture that counts. In general, gifts make us happy; regardless of their nature. Whatever you choose to offer, just make sure it has some sort of meaning. Steer clear of general gifts with no value, and customize your idea. It will make your gift be remembered; and implicitly, you’ll be remembered as a worthy employee too.

By Jason Phillips