Interestingly enough, in large companies new employees often don’t meet with top managers – only with a human resources manager. Time passes and new employees are often unaware of the President’s name! They are involved in their direct activities, they are always in their department – in other words, they are completely separated from the decision makers. Funny (and sometimes not so funny) incidents with not remembering the President’s name might happen when new employees are being asked at the CEO office or they just meet in the office or inside the corporative building.

Give your managers custom name badges and name tags! Name tags are the essence of personalization when it comes to gifts plus they can be used not only at the exhibitions when people can address you by your name and position, name tags are necessary for everyday use, especially if your company occupies one of the leading places in the number of employees. Do not let your bosses remain in the shade – get people know about them!

Name badges are very vital and they do not just serve as something showing or assigning a certain degree of importance to top-managers, but also for introduction and remembering names. Custom name badges are an ideal office trick to get to know everyone you work with, and are as helpful as for instance address rubber stamps are essential time savers when dealing with heaps of out-going mail or deposit stamps when writing lots of checks.