Giving your wife flowers for Valentine’s Day and jewelry for her birthday may be mandatory as far as gift-giving goes, but sometimes it’s good policy to break away from the standard staples and surprise your leading lady with a random gift as a token of your affection.

Showing her that you’re thinking of her and that you care at unexpected intervals can help keep the passion alive in your relationship and keep her feeling important. If you’re looking for a way to surprise your wife with a gift just because you want to show her you love her, try one of these five ideas:

  1. Take her to dinner at an upscale restaurant. While you both may be content dining at your favorite local restaurant on a weekly basis, every now and then it’s good to deviate from the norm and take it up a notch. Have her get dressed up in a fancy dress and heels and take her to an upscale restaurant, for no other reason than you want to wine and dine her for the night.
  2. Cross something off her bucket list. If there’s something lingering on her bucket list (or both of your bucket list’s!) such as skydiving or taking a cruise through the northeast to watch the leaves change, but you’ve both been holding out on actually going, then take control and make it happen. Doing things together that you wouldn’t normally do can help shake things up a bit and stoke the fire in your relationship.
  3. Bring flowers by the office. Flowers don’t have to be restricted to Valentine’s Day or as an apologetic gesture to say you’re sorry. Stop by her office on a random Tuesday to drop off an assortment of flowers that she can keep on her desk. Every day for the rest of the week she’ll be reminded of the kind gesture, and she’ll have no problem gushing to coworkers about how she snagged a keeper when she married you.
  4. Have dinner waiting for her when she gets home from work. If your wife is normally the chef in the family then do her a favor and take dinner off her hands one night. Whether you prepare the meal or you surprise her with takeout from her favorite place, she’ll appreciate getting a break from having to make dinner for the night.
  5. Skip town for an unexpected weekend getaway. It’s easy to talk about getting away for a weekend, but actually making it happen can be an entirely different story. Book a room at a quaint bed and breakfast and take her away for the weekend so that you can reconnect with one another and take a short break from reality.

Going out of your way with these type of unexpected gestures for your wife can help reaffirm how much you care and breathe some life into an otherwise standard routine. While they don’t have to be frequent, doing something ‘just because’ every once in a while will always be appreciated.

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