When you first hire a nanny you probably have no idea what type of effect she’ll have on your home and your family. You’ve hired a childcare provider, someone who is coming to your home to watch over your kids and potentially teach them some life lessons; what you probably don’t realize is that you’re hiring someone that is likely going to become a very integral part of your family. Nannies who stay with their families for long periods of time become more like an extension of the family, a close friend, a relative even, and less like hired help. If you want to show your nanny your appreciation for her services and are looking for the perfect gift, try one of these ideas:

1.    A bonus. Let’s be honest, cash talks, and sometimes a cash bonus can be just the surprise you need to truly show your nanny how much you care. It doesn’t have to be given at Christmas or her year-anniversary working for your family; you can give her one any time you think she’s gone above and beyond her duties and shown you just how exceptional and priceless she really is to you and your family.

2.    A day trip to the spa. It’s likely that your nanny deals with quite a few mishaps throughout her days; after all, taking care of kids full-time is no walk in the park. Send her to the spa for a day of relaxation where she can get a massage or a manicure and pedicure. She’ll appreciate a few hours of pampering and relaxation, where there are little distractions other than the soothing sounds of spa music.

3.    A basket of her favorite goodies. If you can’t decide on just one thing for your nanny then consider making her a gift basket full of her favorite things. Pick a DVD you know she’s wanted to buy, her favorite candies or snack foods, a book written by her favorite author, and a gift card to her favorite restaurant. She’s sure to love all of the variety in the basket and appreciate the efforts you went through to get her the things she loves.

4.    Extra vacation days. If your nanny has been working overtime and bending over backwards to help you out and you want to repay her for her efforts, give her a few extra vacation days so that she can go see family, visit with friends, or just get away for a few days and take some time for herself. Everyone needs “mental health” days from time to time, and she’s sure to appreciate having a few extra days off work.

If you’ve hit the jackpot with your nanny and want to show her just how thankful you are that she’s become a part of your family, consider giving her one of these gifts. Regularly expressing your appreciation can help build the foundation for many successful years to come, and every now and then a gift is a nice reminder that you truly value her work for your family.

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