Sure, many of us dream of a night out on the town and partying the night away with copious amounts of champagne. From celebrating Hogmanay in Edinburgh to watching the fireworks show on the Thames in London, there are plenty of ways to welcome 2018. However, New Year’s Eve parties, whether with your intimate family or a large crowd, are  full of energy, excitement, and surprises. Here are 5 Ways to Host the Perfect New Year’s Eve Party.

Set the Right Tone

When setting up the right decoration, be sure to compliment theme with a soothing backdrop. Adding the warm glow of a flickering candlelight can provide the perfect touch to any celebration. Candles create an ideal centerpiece for any New Year’s Eve table. The can be placed in water or around fresh herbs for a sensual fragrance. When lit, the gentle glow of the candle will encourage the fragrance and gently scent the room.

5 Ways to Host the Perfect New Year’s Eve Party 3

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Ditch the Red and Green Scheme

Skip the Christmas theme and move onto winter glitz and glam on New Year’s Eve. Aim for an elegant approach with clear glassware, white ceramics, and silver to set the tone.  Opt for shimmery tones and avoid holiday schemes to welcome the New Year.

Bring in the Pre-Games

The party does not have to wait until midnight to get started. So why not arrange a few games for the guests to enjoy and party favors to spice up the night.

Find the Right Tunes

Celebrate with the ultimate party playlist. Not only will this keep everyone on the dance floor, it also provides the best time to embrace everyone around you. Be sure to include the greatest music hits of the year, along with the greatest classics of all time, which includes:

  • “Golden Years” by David Bowie
  • “Night Time Is the Right Time” by Ray Charles
  • “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra
  • “Save the Last Dance for Me” by Michael Buble

Make the Food Selection

If you are hosting the party, make sure to put on a good spread of appetizers throughout the event. Cocktails are must-have whether it is a non-alcoholic spritz or laced with Prosecco for a New Year fizz. Remember, you do not have to spend a fortune to create a delicious NYE menu. Aim for a relaxed menu with involves minimal cooking – leaving you to enjoy time with friends and family rather than in the kitchen.

Whether you plan to celebrate with a feast or enjoy a family pajama party, the main point is to enjoy the New Year with the ones you love. If you are hosting on a budget, you can ask guests to bring their favorite dish. This is an affordable way to save on costs while creating excitement around the dinner table. Just be sure to mention this on your invite, so all your guests know what to bring.

By Lucy Wyndham