There aren’t many rooms in a house that are able to make a man feel at home like a classic man cave. Iconic decorations like neon lights, antique signs, video games and sports memorabilia can add personal touches and make any guy feel right at home.

Vintage Gift Ideas for Decorating a Man Cave 3

Figure 1 Photo Courtesy of Appliances Connection

When buying decorations and memorabilia for the man in your life, you first should consider their interests and hobbies. A guy with no interest in sports wouldn’t need sporting memorabilia, and a man who doesn’t hunt wouldn’t necessarily need taxidermy wall decorations. It’s important to contemplate the nature of the man cave project, and then search for items that match the style of the room. If you need a few ideas to guide your search, here are a few classic items that are found time and again in man caves.

Vintage Tin Signs

A simple, inexpensive way to decorate the walls of any man cave is with the use of vintage tin signs. These are great because you can tailor the sign to the interests of the man, whether they’re into sports, old movies and music, or vintage automobiles. They’re a great way to add a timeless, classic look to the walls of the man cave without breaking the bank.

Cast Iron Wall Bottle Opener

There’s no better place to crack open a cold one with the boys than a man cave, and you can’t do that without a bottle opener. Why not kill two birds with one stone and use the bottle opener as a wall decoration? This cast iron wall bottle opener is another great piece that you can get for the man in your life without spending too much of your own money.

Antique Humidor

A humidor is a great gift if your important guy is one who smokes cigars, and they can add a nice vintage look to a man cave while helping him stash his collection of cigars. Look for a high-capacity humidor made from premium wood to add a touch of class and function to your man’s cave.

Vintage Neon Signs

If you’re looking to step up a notch from the world of vintage tin signs, you can’t go wrong with the timeless look of a vintage neon sign. You can find all sorts of neon signs to match the hobbies and interests of any man, and even get custom made neon signs tailored specifically to the man cave of interest. Neon signs are an eye-catching, iconic wall decoration that will surely leave the man in your life satisfied.

By Andrea Manuel