Its Christmas! Yes, when you hear, read or write about Christmas , the very first thought that comes to mind is a Gift. Christmas is for gifts for sure. Gift for friends, family, caretakers, and most importantly for your special one. When it comes to choosing a gift for your special one i.e. your Boyfriend, every girl becomes so conscious and indecisive about what and what not to gift him. It’s not like she doesn’t know him, but either your relation is just started like you are dating but haven’t made it official with him or you are so keen about the selection of gifts. However, every guy who is special enough will always appreciate your gift with the core of his heart.

For some girls, it’s not a challenge as their guy is predictable like she knows what he likes, but yet they search for creative ideas. You can choose the best gift from great places like Brandrange and can get what you exactly wish for but again, finding a perfect gift for your boyfriend can be challenging if he is the type who just buys everything by himself.

But don’t worry! we have some great ideas that are surely going to help you to find the best gift for your special one.

Customized Gift

A person might love customized items and when it comes from the loved one it is closer to the heart. A common customized gift that you can think of can be a wallet and key with a person’s name engraved or printed on it in customized style, writing, and color. You can also gift him a customized traveling kit, leather weekend bag, office bag, a coffee cup, or t-shirts. Customized hoodies and jackets can go well in winter.  Don’t limit customization with the name only but you can get a loving quote written on your gift. which makes him think of you. Guys love being appreciated for the efforts they put in to keep a relationship strong and ever-loving.

Handmade Gift

Hand made things and gift always have their own distinct value. They are also so close and possess sentimental values. If you are an artist you can paint his portraits or if you are good at writing, write something about him and frame it. If you are not an artist, you don’t need to worry about that as you can have some other great skill set like knitting, sewing, crafting, cooking, baking, or photography. You can utilize that to make the best out of it and make your loving one happy and over-whelmed about a handmade gift. The beauty of a handmade gift is that it is made with pure love and intentions.

Terrarium or any plant

A terrarium is a cute gift for your boyfriend if he has respective interests. Also, it’s like bringing nature indoors and close to yourself. Filled etched glass with rocks, soil, and faux gives a happy feeling. Put this on his desk of the office table or study area. You can fill his space with greenery too for a fresh and lively feel. Gift him DIY plant hanger or filled mason jars with a plant and put his and your name on it.

Clothing and Styling

This idea is quite easy for everyone. If you are a busy person and you don’t have time to make gifts for him, don’t worry. You can buy him his favorite shirt, pant, boxers, hats/caps, shoes, sweaters or even you can order online by just knowing the correct size.

Cufflinks are also very good gist. Guys love these gifts because it shows their girl’s care for him when it comes to dress and style. One thing about gifts relating to style is you can gift in your affordable range.

Technology related gifts

If your boyfriend is obsessed with new, updated models of cellphones, smartwatches, printers, PS games, cars, Air pods, you can gift these things, but you need a big wallet for that.  It’s not necessary to gift a car or something but you can always go for the latest wearable tech. You can start with a smart watch and a cell phone.

Weekend trip

As everyone is busy nowadays and yet we all celebrate the holidays. This is the best time to spend some alone, intimate time with your boyfriend. It will power up your relationship with him. Take a trip to his favorite destination. Also, take his good photos there and present him to the next Christmas in a creative way. Cook his favorites dish on a weekend trip. It will mean a lot to him.

Memory book/Adventure Book

This is the most romantic and thoughtful gift. Make a memory book or u can name it an adventure book where you can put your and your boyfriend’s pictures in the book, make it creative, colorful, and unique. Add stickers, smileys, notes, write the date  to revive the special memories

Final thoughts

No matter if it’s a last-minute present or you are planning for a month, take your time to show how much he means to you.  What’s important is a thoughtful gift that is per his interest, passion, hobbies, and careers. What matters is the amount of love, pure intentions and care you put in.

By Billal