We don’t want to waste money on buying stuff that will not be useful to us. It is the same in buying gifts for our loved ones. That is why, we usually do research or ask the people that are close to us on some gift ideas. It is always best to consider their hobbies, interests, and work if we are looking for special presents for our family and friends. Considering these things will not only help you buy valuable things, but will also let them know that you exert effort and time in finding the right gift to honor them.

If you are looking for some gift ideas to give to your friends or family that are in writing. Here are some recommendations that might help you.

1. Journal -It is true that almost all writers are working on their keyboard these days. And why not? We are already living in the age of smartphones and laptops that it is really hard for the writers not to go with the flow of life. But that does not mean that they don’t need a blank notebook anymore. It is still appropriate to give writers a journal that they can use.

Sometimes, looking at their handwritten words are what they needed to clear their mind if they are thinking too much and experiencing a writer’s block. Also, it is good to check their hand writing status once in a while. But of course, you have to really know your writer well before giving a journal as a present. Some writers like to keep their notes and calendar in a handwritten journal, and some want to keep it electronically.

2. New Pen -Like notebooks or journals, writers don’t usually use pens when they are writing. But it can still be a valuable gift because they can use it if they need to write some notes when they are on the road or out of their computer table. They can use pen when some ideas pop on their mind out of nowhere. A quill pen or other expensive pen can be appreciated by some writers. But just like the first gift idea, you should know your writer well before spending money on this present.

3. Quirky Office Supplies -Writers will really appreciate your gift of quirky office supplies such as post it notes, colored flags, note card, etc. These are useful to them, most especially when they are working for revisions for their work’s print copy. These supplies are great to track revision comments and suggestions. It is also a perfect gift to them because they can use it to remind themselves about the page count, word count, and other to-do-lists that they can just post on their laptops or computers.

4. Books -Giving books for writers are meaningful gifts. But first, you have to know what are their reading list, so you won’t waste time and money looking for one good book that they will appreciate and use. If you want it to be extra special, you can give them an autographed book by their favorite author.

5. Cafe Gift Cards -Most writers, if not all, love drinking coffee. It is their stimulant to write more words. Treat them in their favorite cafe by giving them gift cards. Help them save some of their penny when they want to do their writing in a cafe.

6. Software -It is one of the novel presents that you can give if you have a friend or family member that is a writer. Give them some key software that they can use for their work. Good ideas can be a word processing, proofreading, and backup/security software for their laptops or PCs.

7. House Plant -Give your writer some fresh air to think and meditate. A plant can serve a powerful purpose into your writer’s desk because aside from purifying the air it can also bring freshness and visual interest to people. You can go for a peace lily or a spider plant, and make it a special gift by putting it in a decorative pot.

Giving importance to the work of writers by giving them presents that are beneficial to them will let them feel appreciated. These gifts may not be expensive, but surely are valuable and beneficial to them.

Dawn Atkins is a writing student who’s enhancing her skills by submitting articles online. She is fond of writing best essay in her class. It is Dawn’s dream to work in a publishing company someday. She also wanted to start traveling after schooling.