Awards are always treasured by recipients. People or entities giving them away can make them extra special with some careful thinking. Choosing an attractive award is the first step in this direction. The market is flooded with different types of awards. Among these, the engraved varieties are high on demand. Finding one according to needs and requirements warrants prior knowledge of certain vital aspects.


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Reward in Shimmering Finesse

They are exquisitely crafted from the finest crystals. This makes them truly elegant pieces of glass with a shimmering touch. When displayed on a mantelpiece, they give the best looks. The base of the award has a complete inscription carved on it. Due to this feature, it makes the award twice memorable. For one, the inscription talks about the purpose of reward and carries name of the recipient as well. Apart from adding a formal element of achievement, it acknowledges the recipient’s superiority over others. The inscriptions are created on surface of the glass or metallic surface. These crystals and awards are the latest entrants in the sphere of trophies and awards. The metallic varieties are incredibly popular as they are made from the classic glass variation.

Wide Range to Choose from

They come in different design types such as bowls, trophy cups and plaques, vases, and more. Currently, they are available in numerous shapes of round, octagonal, flat glass, peak, oval, wedge, and cylindrical shapes. The shapes of the award rest entirely on the base, which is comprised of same glass category. No matter what kind of effect you want – matted glass, an opaque or a clear appearance, the same can easily be achieved. Some varieties come with a wider surface at the base. This is where details like names and category of award is etched out. It helps in gaining a greater visibility in terms of font size. Apart from adding a classical appeal and elegance, it aids in incorporating personalized messages.

The Customized Version

The good news is – they are also available in customized version. Several designers offer wonderful concepts of designs done in glass. Thus, you can incorporate a design that suits a particular event, tournament, achievement or an occasion. Today, customized engraved awards are easily available when bulk orders are placed with these designers. They entertain bulk order meant for corporate functions, occasions and sports tournaments. They incorporate personalized inscriptions and messages based on your requirements. You can discuss about the nature of occasion or event where these awards are to be given. This helps designers to design them accordingly. For instance, if these are meant for sports events, they design cricket, ruby or football awards. You can customize it according to taste and preference of the recipient.

The Relevance of Gifting Engraved Crystals and Awards

Giving away crystal glass gifts during special occasion is the sure-shot way of standing out from other ordinary ones. They are truly meant to be gifted to someone very special. Gifting them is the right way of stealing the heart of the recipient. Apart from looking very appealing, it adds a personal touch making the recipient feel happy and contended.

Where can you find them?

These are currently available in both formats – online and offline. Several dealers and suppliers are capable of supplying in bulk even on a very short notice. The prices are reasonable and affordable. They take full responsibility to make sure your orders reach the venue on time. They maintain a good collection of innovative ideas and several designs. They have a wonderful range of catalogued products. As most of them have a dedicated website, you can go through the catalogues from cool comforts of your home. They offer great discounts and even get the orders delivered to your doorsteps free of cost. The website display products on offer from 3D laser engraving to a customized message. They employ a team of professional engravers to accomplish all engraving related work.

Serve Multipurpose Needs

The use of engraved crystals do not serve as gift items alone. They are ideal for award ceremonies as well. The crystal piece look twice special and this makes the ceremony even more extraordinary. For many, receiving such awards is more to do with their special achievements and fond memories.

Great Motivational Tool

The workers are the main asset for any type off organization. The success and failure of the organization depends on how well or how poor the workers perform. Business modules keep motivating their workforce by awarding them with these items. The employees feel honoured and privileged to receive Engraved Crystal and Engraved Awards. These are given mostly for achieving, for instance, high sales targets or for excellent services. Buying the awards does involve a cost element. Nevertheless, it offers better productivity and this is why businesses find it a cost-effective option. Most businesses find it the perfect way to promote a better working environment. This leads to creation of a competitive atmosphere among colleagues who strive hard to win the award.

Article by Bency George