Many friends, classmates, parents and other relatives are searching for the perfect gifts for the new graduate in their lives. While some may be graduating high school, others are graduating with their master of arts in liberal studies degree. No matter who is graduating or what type of degree they are receiving, they will surely love one of the top gifts for graduates.

five of the best gift ideas for your college graduate

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Something Borrowed No Longer

New graduates are most likely interviewing for a new job or beginning a new career. Most new graduates lack the apparel needed to fully impress a potential employer. A great wardrobe or accessory piece will be loved and used. It may be impossible to purchase a complete wardrobe but shopping for a few accessory pieces may be wise. New cuff links to add to his new suit or a great handbag to add to her outfit are both excellent ideas. Gift cards to nice boutiques are also a good option. Every new graduate will need to look their absolute best especially when trying to impress.

Technology is Key

Many people have a few pieces of mobile technology in their arsenal. In this day and age, technology is an excellent gift option. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are always needing upgrades so checking this off the graduate’s list of necessary items will make a perfect gift.

Gift Cards

Money is tight for students in college. Once a student graduates, it seems they are burdened with numerous loans and credit cards. Although they may have a job already lined up with their bills being covered, gift cards make great gifts for new graduates living on a budget. Gift cards for gas stations, restaurants, movie theaters, and grocery stores are all great options the new graduate will love.

Books Aren’t Just For Bookworms

Although technology is such a massive part of a person’s everyday life, sitting down and sifting through an old-fashioned book can be a great way to unwind and get back to reality. The majority of the world reads books and magazines on e-readers but many people lack the ability to sit down and focus on actual paper with words on it. It doesn’t take a graduate with a master’s to fully appreciate a real book. A traditional book, fiction or non-fiction, is a beautiful gift.


Who couldn’t use a little extra cash these days? Give the gift of cash to a new graduate and help him or her on the way to living a debt free life. Cash is the universal gift and it’s easy to see why. It is always appreciated and can be used anywhere!

Article by Kandace Heller