Graduation day is a huge milestone in a person’s life. Whether they are graduating from High School, University or a Community College, it’s a great effort to achieve a big goal like completing all your coursework and celebrations are definitely in order. When deciding what gift to give to mark a graduation, the following tips will help you find the perfect one.

1) A Camera


Digital cameras are amazing and everyone should have one. There is an enormous range on the market from the classic canon cameras to the funky nikkon’s, and you are sure to find a model that suits perfectly. They can take endless amounts of photos, are often small and compact, and will last a very long time. It’s a gift that will come in handy over and over and is a great way to mark the achieving of an important life goal.

2) An all inclusive holiday 

What better way celebrate a graduation than by getting away and totally relaxing. After months or even years of constant study, exams, concentration and learning, a holiday is well and truly deserved. An all inclusive holiday is a great gift as all they will need is their clothes and themselves with everything else already paid for.

3) A bicycle

For the environmentally conscious and active graduate, a new bike will allow provide them with a great form of transport and exercise now that they have time to get out a bit more.

A new laptop

If they have a laptop already, its probably time for an upgrade after the intensive usage it would have gotten of late. A new laptop will be greatly appreciated, especially if there is any traveling or holidaying on the horizon. Having a good quality laptop with you while you are away from home can be a godsend.

5) A backpack

For the outdoorsy, hiking and camping type, a new backpack will be the perfect gift. Now that they have a lot more time to get out and about, a new backpack will definitely be in for plenty of use and will have them one step closer to getting back into the great outdoors and enjoying their post grad life.

6) A Book Shop Gift Certificate

Every graduate who enjoys reading will tell you that the thing they are most looking forward to is reading something just for the fun of it, with no exam to follow! Now that the required reading is all completed, give them the gift of reading all those books they’ve been wanting to read but haven’t had time to.

7) Cooking Classes

Now that the busy days of classes and long nights of study are over with, there’s no excuse for eating instant noodles for dinner any more. I ts time to learn to cook. Even those who can cook already will learn a lot from a few cooking lessons and it can be a fun and relaxing thing to do after all the stress of getting to graduation day.

8) A Gym Membership

A lot of people forget about their health while they immerse themselves in their studies, leaving them not exactly in great shape by the end of it. Encourage a bit of physical activity with a local gym membership. It will be much appreciated.

It’s a big effort to graduate. Make your person feels proud and help them relax and enjoy their post grad experience.