Today I will give you a unique wedding gift idea.

A wedding gift to stand the test of time whether it’s a bottle of scotch or fine wine with instructions to open on their tenth anniversary, a gorgeous vase, or piece of art, give a gift on which the couple will be able to look fondly and say "Our friend John gave us that for our wedding”.

Wedding gifts are always a touchy subject with the impending bride & groom.

Whether you’re wealthy enough to buy such a wedding gift on your own, or you organize other guests to all chip in, you’ll be making dreams come true. Otherwise, consider making something- your friends will appreciate the time and heart you put into your wedding gift. If you want to give a personal wedding gift, combine the two: attach a check to a beautiful picture frame, a kitchen gadget, or a long letter detailing your wishes and advice for their marriage.

For him you can choose a unique present. But what are unique groomsmen gifts? How can you choose something that will last?

One unique groomsmen gift you will certainly have success with is framed individual shares of stock. To complement your frame, you can also choose from a variety of matting colors, including green, ivory, black, beige, and blue.


The framed individual shares of stock are also a great, unique anniversary gift especially for the first wedding anniversary wich is celebrated by giving a gift of paper.