Almost all men love beer so offer him a Beer Machine Brew Master.

Beer Machine Brew Master

In the past homebrew was equally awful, and a lot murkier, but thanks to some astoundingly brilliant Canadians home brewed beer is now dangerously gorgeous and easy to make.

The Beer Machine is simplicity itself to use, just add the beer mixture (made from 100% natural ingredients and delightfully free of all those ghastly chemicals.), and in seven to ten days you’ll have 17 pints of really excellent beer.

Beer Machine Brew Master features:

  • Custom pressure relief valve.
  • De-foamer system.
  • Carbonation unit.
  • Beer machine main body ( separates into 2 parts for easy cleaning)
  • 2 extra pub style tap handles included for labelling or personalization.
  • Brewing guide.
  • One Brewers Select premium beer mix. Makes 28 – 12oz. servings.
  • Bottling Transfer System and six re-usable bottles.
  • Three C02 Soda Chargers.
  • Features two dials to tell you pressure and temperature.
  • Size: 35 x 31 x 26cm

The Beer Machine Brew Master will cost you £99.99 and you can buy it form