One thing that people are always on the lookout for are the latest developments in the gaming world. There are always gadgets, devices, and games hitting the market, and for the most part they all have advantages and little tricks that really help a player depending on the type of gaming that they are into. Some gadgets are just meant to increase your game play while others were built to add an entirely new level or option to your gaming experience. Below is a list of some of the top gifts for 2013 gaming gadgets and what they provide.

Lenovo Idea Pad Yoga 13


This is an extremely useful tool that is helping to bridge the gap between the tablet and the laptop. It is what is being called the Ultrabook and it is quite impressive. It is a thin laptop style that uses a cloud for storage. It comes readily equipped with the new Windows 8 OS, and while it can be setup like a regular laptop with the keyboard the screen will actually bend all the way back so that you can optimize the touch screen features of the Windows 8 OS. The best part is that you can enjoy all of your favorite Windows powered games. The only downside is the hefty price tag. The $1,000 price actually beats out the price of an iPad will all the trimmings.

The Walking Dead Game Series: Season One


The Walking Dead has taken the world by storm. Not only is it a popular comic, hit TV Show, it has made quite the splash in mobile gaming, and now the entire series of games is available for purchase as one unit for the gaming consoles. This gaming set is the perfect addition to any Walking Dead fan’s collection. It has a parallel storyline to the show. There are just a few different options. Instead of playing the popular characters you have grown to love you will get an entirely new cast for the game. You will build your own story, but do not worry you will still get all the gore that you have come to expect while watching the show. It is the perfect gift to enhance and already beloved show and comic.

Skylanders Giants


Skylanders has released its 2nd installment in the Skylanders franchise. Now you have giant stronger Skylanders to help you complete your missions. You will still need your smaller Skylanders for the giants are not as fast or energized, but the new giants game will offer a great deal more in the entertaining game play. You will also have an entirely new set of Skylanders to start collecting.

Wii U


The Wii U offers an entirely new gaming experience for the Wii lovers. It gives a whole new point of view to those playing the Wii games. Not only will you have a hand held device that will give you a new experience while playing your favorite games, but you will also have more options for playing. You will no longer have to fight over the TV for someone can enjoy watching their favorite show while you are playing your favorite game on the handheld device. You can easily go back to the big screen once the show is over. It is a great new option to help provide a little more peace in a household.

Gaming gadgets are always fun to learn and experience. Some devices like the Wii U, Kinect, and Move offer a way to completely change how you game on a console. Others just offer a way to enhance your already quite enjoyable game play. It is always exciting to have something that can help to spice up your game play.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips has written this article. He gifted a CD of Sniper Games 365 to his son this Christmas so that he can enjoy his vacations playing them.