What Is Professional Water Restoration?

Unintended and unwanted water intrusion to your home can and will do damage to your personal belongings and materials that make up the interior or exterior of your house.
Professional water restoration services offer a comprehensive way of removing the water and restoring your home.

Finding the Source of the Water Intrusion

Water damage to your home can happen from numerous causes. It’s important to isolate the problem and have it fixed to eliminate the addition of more water to the problem. Natural flooding, plumbing leaks, or storm damage can all cause a tremendous amount of water to fill your basement or other areas of the home quickly. Turning off the water supply in cases of plumbing leaks or placing a tarp over open areas damaged by storms can keep the situation from getting worse.

Removing the Water

The next step is to remove any standing water using equipment like pumps or wet vacuums. It needs to be as soon as possible to avoid the start of mold growth on the surfaces of your personal belongings or building materials.

Removing Damaged Items and Building Materials

Anything loose that has been damaged by water should be removed from the home to see if it’s salvageable. Any carpeting, drywall, paneling, and other building materials that are ruined due to the water damage need to be taken out of the home. Fans can be strategically placed to begin the process of totally drying the area.

Restoring the Area Affected By Water Damage

The last step is to fully restore the building materials and have your house looking as good as it did before the water intrusion. It could mean replacing carpeting, wood floors, drywall or doing the expert ceiling repair Houston homeowners depend on to get the home back in great condition.

Unexpected water leaks and flooding can cause a great deal of damage in a short time span. Contact professional water restoration experts as soon as possible to minimize impact to your property.